3 Video Examples: Horse Racing Trades Before The Start…

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It’s hard to please everyone but recently there were quite a few requests for ‘simpler’ Betfair trades to be shown…

If only trading was simple, right?

However, we’ve done our best to create a super-simple Betfair trading video over on the YouTube channel.

Horse Racing Trades: Video Update…

There are 3 examples, laid out in the format shown below:

The traded horses:

  • Market Rasen – Windtothelightning
  • Taunton – Dancing Harry
  • Market Rasen – Martha Brae

Using the Betfair website and its delayed data isn’t something I’d recommend if you’re looking to trade seriously but hopefully, it made things clearer for some of the newer folk. Just seeing the trading ladders in vertical format with streaming charts is enough to put most beginners off.

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube via this video:

They aren’t the most profitable trades in the world, but they were clean examples with 1 entry, and 1 exit each. The last one went on to move another 10 ticks after exit as the race was delayed.

Traded volumes and emerging information were the driving forces behind all three. Something I spoke about in the recent blog linked here below!

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