Best Odds Guaranteed Exploit: Low-Risk Betting Strategy

Are you making a profit from best odds guaranteed? If not, this article is just for you…

Despite the name, it has nothing to do with betting on the loo. Although this exploit is so quick and easy, I’m not going to rule it out!

This is one of many low-risk matched betting style strategies that will stack the odds in your favour. There’s less chance the bookies will easily identify people doing it too, which is always good.

In betting, BOG stands for ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’. It is a type of promotion offered by some bookmakers where they guarantee they’ll pay out at higher odds if the starting price (SP) is greater than the fixed odds the bet was initially placed at.

For example; if you place a bet on a horse at 2/1 and the starting price has drifted out to 4/1, the bookie will pay out at the higher odds – 4/1 in this case.

As seen in advertisements with William Hill.

How Best Odds Guaranteed Strategy Works:

Exploiting the best odds guaranteed is simple. Like many other matched betting strategies we’re just looking to qualify for the BOG promotion at little to no risk. We do this by finding bookmaker odds close to, or the same as betting exchange prices. By backing with the bookie and laying with an exchange, the two opposing bets take away the financial risk.

Take a look at John Alexander’s price in the 7.30 pm race:

Nothing special right?

Until you realise you could have laid this bet off on BetConnect exchange at the same price! The cost of placing these two bets against each other was £0.

You can get a BetConnect Exchange account here if you haven’t already got one.

One of the best things about exploiting BOG is that the bookies will find it far harder to detect you, unlike traditional matched betting.

How Much Can You Make?

Profits will fluctuate a lot with this best-odds-guaranteed strategy unless you want to hedge your bets closer to the start. Without hedging, a straight match means the horse needs to go on and win. To give you an idea of the potential profits…

A £30 back and lay with both platforms in the example above returns the following:

  • if the price drifts to 14 you win £90
  • if the price drifts to 17 you win £180
  • if the price drifts to 20 you win £270

But remember, if the price didn’t drift – you lost nothing.

BOG Shortcuts: Exploiting It The Lazy Way…

Now you could sit and trawl through each bookmaker’s odds and betting exchange prices, but it’s pretty time-consuming.

Using software that continually updates price matches on best odds guaranteed bets is a godsend. It’s how I found John Alexander in the example above. The OddsMonkey BOG matcher did it for me, as shown below.

You can check out OddsMonkey for yourself here.

There’s no catch, it’s really that simple!

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