US Open: WTA this week…

Over the last week or so I’ve been watching the women’s tennis without trading it mainly just making notes and generally observing. I find with any trading situation we are often able to make a better decision when there isn’t money at stake so, for learning purposes and finding a more productive way into trading the markets I thought this would be pretty important. It’s hard to resist the urge not to place a trade at times when I think its good but its been a worthwhile exercise im sure.

The racing markets are starting to find that period in the year where general activity dies down a bit with less liquidity, generally from here on Mondays are pretty terrible for a couple of months so be careful if you usually trade them! With that in mind for me I hope investing that bit more time into learning more about the tennis markets could end up being productive. It’s really hard for most people to fathom but unlike conventional jobs where pay is relative to time spent trading can be quite the opposite, taking a week or two watching and making notes is likely to pay dividends in the long run as once you find that way in that suits and you can trust the money just follows… regardless of long you’ve been doing it.

Staking is something I’ve come to realise could really be quite huge in the tennis markets. I think splitting stakes up in a structured way can be beneficial along with bearing in mind what kind of stakes you’re using depending on where it is in the match. And then of course there is keeping to it! For example in the first set staking could be substantially more than that in the second and third. Something I’d like to consider further for sure….

I couldn’t help myself and had a fiver on Eugine Bouchard last night when watching her get defeated. You may have seen me post it up, if only I could manage such a huge ROI on all matches!

If you trade the tennis and want to add anything about the staking feel free to comment, I think it could be my next obsession haha!

3 thoughts on “US Open: WTA this week…

  1. No I’m looking at the US open and due to the liquidity and high volumes even I am making a couple of quid should be easier for someone that know trading well to make money on these markets

  2. As you know mate I trade the tennis religious and have done for a long time, good to see you are coming over to it where the money is big and and the women are pretty good too!

    Best of luck, good to see a nice ROI as well

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