How To Use Racing Corruption For Easy Profits (Ethically)


It’s plain to see there’s been plenty of corruption in racing throughout the years. To think it no longer exists would be naive. The sad thing being it makes things quite unfair for the general crowd…

Researching racing, looking at the cards, putting money on the table. What’s the point if it’s dodgey?

Actually, there is a point… if you can identify when it’s happening in the markets. It can prove quite lucrative!

Corruption & Horse Racing

When I say ‘dodgey’ I don’t mean out-right race fixing a such, although I do wonder how much it goes on. After-all people are greedy, driven by gain, not everyone’s so honest.

Where you draw the line with ethical is subjective to opinion though. Is it corrupt if you’ve been running a horse poorly over the wrong distance, trip, going and course for several runs to then bet heavily on it the time it runs under correct conditions? With a highly attractive handicap mark for its potential I might add. It’s not against the rules obviously, but is it honest. I don’t think so.

I guess it’s just life though, and everyone has a choice if they’re to participate and bet. It’s understandable to some degree as well. All the fee’s involved with owning, maintaining and running a horse isn’t exactly cheap. If you’re only chance to re-coup those fee’s is £1,500 prize money at Wolverhampton on the All-Weather then having a bet is one way to do it.

It becomes interesting the closer you look at the ‘rules’ or ‘system’. It’s like anything I guess, the way to get the most efficient returns is to play right up to the line. In racing it’s no different, the ones that don’t, lose… but of course, those making a killing have to live with what they’re doing!


The interesting part… how can we profit from it?

Sometimes it becomes really quite easy. Others, not so much. Anticipation is key in any situation, as the only thing that ever really matters is the price.

As soon as you’ve made your trading decision you want to be on at the best price possible. Exiting the trade is exactly the same… It’s a game of efficiency. By understanding and anticipating a situation before it happens the odds are stacked in our favour greatly, the key is not to stuff it up on execution. As video pack subscribers will know.

Finding the best situations will require a little homework. Unsurprisingly you’ll see slightly more unethical practices going on at the smaller, lower-grade meetings. Less money in the markets to provide market resistance, less form, lower prize money and more incentive for those involved to skew the picture.

From there it’s all about assessing the market. If a disproportional amount of support arrives in an area you suspected it may, it’s like a red rag to a bull.

While it’s impossible to tell exactly who’s involved with a gamble, I’ve noticed over the years similar names frequently pop up. It’s understandable I guess.


Lastly, feedback following the recent YouTube videos has been great. It’s often easier not to bother, as I could just spend a bit more time down the pub. The positive comments and sharing makes it worthwhile though.

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4 thoughts on “How To Use Racing Corruption For Easy Profits (Ethically)

  1. Good post Caan. It’s inplay where you can really spot the dodgy stuff though – especially in weak Irish racing. A horse can be fav and front running the race, only for lots of money to be stacked up on the lay side. Sure enough a minute later the horse is pulled up or trots along at the back. Can’t blame them, if I owned a racehorse I would be on the exchanges laying it to fook haha.

    1. I noticed a grand stuck on a horse at 6 in an irish market inplay today. There was no reason for it, except that it went on to win. I might start getting in front of a few of these, may be worth a look!

  2. There is plenty of easy money to be made by identifying trainers that play the handicap. Cannot blame them, I would do it myself if I owned or trained a horse.

    A way of doing it is to identify the jockeys trainers use on their goers and the ones they use to run their horses down the field.

    The stats are out there freely available on the racing sites, just a case of using the to your advantage.

    Keep up the good work Caanberry you are one of the best sources of how to make money sat on my backside out there.

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