Warning: Crazy changes in the racing markets?!

Has anyone noticed a change in behaviour this week on the exchange?


So this week started out just like any other. The markets trading as they would usually… I had some additional time with my son as it’s the school holidays, so not sure if this happened sooner.

The other reason could be not so much of a change in the markets, but a refreshed approach from me after a few extra days off? I’d be more inclined to say its the markets though, here’s why:

Mid afternoon yesterday I was trading much like I would any other Saturday, things were going well and I was looking forward to the feature races. I’d started off with a few above average results, but come mid afternoon I had a big of a whopper, scalping away as usual.

Everything just seemed to click into place. Although after another trader said to me on Skype they were suddenly finding things a bit easier with ‘less big stakes pushing’ as they put it. It did seem as though things were a bit easier I must admit… getting positions filled was easier than usual. By around 5pm, once the mainstream TV coverage had finished I looked at my balance (if you read back through older posts you’ll know I try my hardest not to look throughout the day).

I was shocked at how well I was doing so soon in the day, but couldn’t really put my finger on what was different? Have you noticed any difference this week?

Would be really keen to know whats changed if anything….

For things to change quickly like this is quite pleasing, although just like any kind of significant change in behaviour it could have been a market making bot not firing properly or something (meaning it may not last forever).

Would be interested to hear if anyone else had seen a sudden change in results (comment below, or mail me at support). It’s quite possible others may have seen the opposite effect, depending on their approach. Hopefully today will turn out much the same, although with less liquidity it could be quite different. Either way, be careful if you’re trading!!

Here’s how it panned out, above average for a single afternoon…


4 thoughts on “Warning: Crazy changes in the racing markets?!

  1. Those are fantastic figures. What stakes do you put on?
    Wasn’t trading that much yesterday so cannot really say if markets are getting easier.
    I had a good few days though by following a trial called Trainers Quotes..They suggested the Gary Moore trained treble on Thursday or Friday last week so this improved my bank balance. I now tend though to oppose favourites where trends suggest it…so far doing okay

    1. Not sure if it was one of those things where something changed for the afternoon and was a fair bit easier… stakes wise, I always start around £100 and work into it. Anything up to £2000 maximum usually. From your comment I take it your punting, I purely trade the prices before the start (and a little back to lay inplay)

  2. Wow, stunning results Caan. Find this really inspirational mate, learnt so much from your guide and youtube vids.
    With regards to Saturdays, as a part timer and learner I find Saturdays the only day I know for sure I’ll end in profit. Must be the better liquidity and quality of racing. The weaker stuff earlier in the week is tougher with the big boys controlling where the prices go. I don’t bother with them any more and just concentrate on Friday and Saturdays. I reckon most traders feel the same and hence the smoother liquidity. Wish everyday was like Sat. Keep smashing it mate – keeps me trying seeing your results.
    Cheers, Paul.

  3. That is one monster result for one afternoon. I’m happy to make that in a month! Always an inspiration, keep it up.

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