Why Offshore Casinos Are Proving So Popular

Current trends indicate that an increasing number of casino fans are opting for offshore platforms than US-regulated casinos – but why?

At a glance, offshore casinos are less restrictive, promote anonymous gambling, and provide players with a wider game selection – but that’s not all!

In the latest post on Techreport, Gavin Beech has selected 10 offshore casino platforms that offer amazing benefits, such as fast withdrawals, premium customer service, and huge bonuses.

In today’s article, we’ll explore the reasons for the growing popularity of offshore casinos.

Anonymous gambling

One of the biggest benefits of offshore casinos is that they permit anonymous gambling. This is different from onshore gambling sites, which typically feature strict ID verification procedures.

As a means to prevent underage gambling, US-based casinos are encouraged by the American Gaming Association (AGA) to maintain KYC (Know Your Customer) identification measures.

These measures require the players to provide their full name, national insurance number, and address. They also require players to submit proof of address as well as a valid form of ID.

The sign-up process on offshore gambling sites generally features far fewer steps. On some offshore options, you may not even need to provide your email address.

This makes offshore betting options better suited to those who value their privacy and wish to keep their personal details confidential.

Given that 47% of Americans have had their personal data breached by cyber criminals, it’s understandable why so many gamblers would rather stay anonymous.


Online casinos are still highly restricted in many states. Currently, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and New Jersey are the only states that have state-regulated online casinos.

However, there’s nothing to stop players from other states from signing up and playing offshore gambling options.

This is another reason why offshore gambling sites are so popular – because the majority of US states don’t permit online casinos.

Game selection

Even in states where online casinos are legal and regulated, many residents often turn to offshore alternatives due to their unregulated and less restrictive nature.

Offshore gambling sites don’t need to abide by the same rules that onshore gambling sites do. They’re offshore in the sense that they’re based in another country.

Being based elsewhere, these sites don’t need to comply with US restrictions or AGA rules. For this reason, you’re likely to have a less restricted gaming experience on offshore sites than you are on onshore sites.

For example, offshore sites can offer a wider casino game selection than onshore sites. Not only is this because they cater to a global market but also because they can support games that are prohibited by US sites.

If a US site removed your favorite slot game, chances are you’ll be able to find it again on an offshore site.

Bigger bonuses, promotions, and betting limits

By not having to abide by US legislation, offshore gambling sites are also able to offer bigger sign-up bonuses to players.

In the US, restrictions are put in place to limit the value and number of bonuses an online casino can offer. Bonuses can include such incentives as sign-up bonuses, free bets, and loyalty rewards.

Offshore sites don’t face the same issue and can offer players as many bonuses as they like.

In fact, offshore sites compete with their offshore rivals by offering bigger and better bonuses. With so many offshore gambling platforms available, offering more lucrative bonuses is one of the main ways these sites can gain a steady customer base.

So, another reason why offshore casinos have grown in popularity is to do with the high bonuses and promotions offered.

Offshore sites also attract customers by providing less restrictive betting limits. Regulations dictate that onshore sites must limit the amount of money a player can deposit and withdraw at one time – this is not the case with offshore alternatives. Generally, offshore players are free to bet and withdraw as much of their winnings as they like.

More payment options

Offshore betting sites tend to look to the future when it comes to payment options.

When offshore gambling, you’re more likely to encounter sites that accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other types of digital wallets. This makes paying and withdrawing your gambling money far easier and much more secure than having to use your personal bank account.

There are currently 278.10 million PayPal users in the US and many more US citizens now favoring digital wallets over traditional banking. So, the demand for PayPal and other digital wallets in online casinos is obviously there.

A lot of offshore options are also crypto casinos. Cryptocurrency casinos work just like regular casinos, except they permit users to deposit, withdraw, and wager funds in cryptocurrency rather than dollars or other fiat currency.

Bitcoin is the most prominently accepted crypto, but you can find crypto casinos that accept all kinds of niche coins.

A recent report by security.org found that in the US 40% of adults now own crypto. The more people with crypto, the higher the need for crypto uses, hence why many are turning to offshore casinos.

Final thoughts

The one aspect that unites all the benefits of offshore gambling is the lack of restrictions. Offshore sites are unrestricted when it comes to offering anonymity, accessibility, game selection, bonus rewards, betting limits, and payment options. Many gamblers are moving to offshore sites as they simply don’t have the same limitations that onshore sites have.

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