Back to a warmer climate!

 Well that didn’t seem to last too long! After a week away in Flaine, France im back! It was rather nice to step off the […]


So as a trader I usually shudder when somebody says theirs going to be snow…. mainly because I know work is off! Which can be […]

Day 3 – Worn out….

Day 3 of the festival and it was a bit of a thriller ride! The end result was fair although not quite what I’d hoped […]

Perspective & Biases

In continuation from the previous post about logic and intuition, the topic of biases caught my attention. We all have them—some biases serve us well, […]

Intuition v’s Logic

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might have noticed an interesting BBC iPlayer link I shared recently—a ‘must-watch’ for anyone learning our […]