Day 3 – Worn out….

Day 3 of the festival and it was a bit of a thriller ride! The end result was fair although not quite what I’d hoped for, had 2 markets gone a little different it would have been a massive result.

The 3.20 had Big Buck, a runner im fond of as in the past has brought me some massive profits, today wasn’t to be one of them… The market was solid as I anticipated although greed got the better of me and I ended up turning a solid profit of £170 into £37 in the final minutes when a flurry of money came, these things happen even though it feels a real shame….

The 16.00 wasn’t much better either –


Sraid Padraig price was violently pushed out early on and after a while I was thinking that must have either been a bizarre bet for a large stake with no care whatsoever for getting a ‘value’ price or somebody either way eventually I made a mess of it. After that I switched to Third Intention which proved a fair bit better, just a shame the earlier mistake had brought the overall result down considerably. However if your a follower of the facebook page you’ll know I suggested Champion Court as a back to lay at 14.0 for the day which allowed me to steal a few more quid in-play.

Finally in the last at Cheltenham i only bagged £18 when another huge matched swipped the price several ticks against my position on Cause Of Causes (im sure some of you too were caught), but as a friend said theirs nothing I can do about that as it’s not predictable that someone may drop a big stake in for several ticks… still it could have been worse, was certainly better than yesterday!


So the Gold Cup is nearly upon us! I just hope there aren’t any last-minute withdrawals like Quevega today!


2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Worn out….

  1. Nice one Caan, always refreshing to see one of the pro’s actually show their pnl over a long period rather than cherry picking the odd race. Making a living at trading is all those bread and butter races not the odd lucky race or two. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the likes of Badger Jack or even fatty Webb put up anything other than a single race pnl and they charge fortunes for training :0 Looking forward to the video pack

    1. Hi Pete, thanks for the comment. I’ve always been open from day one – losses n all. Im sure some of the others do well, i like to be honest though. Hope you enjoy it and had a good festival!

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