$40 Australian Horse Racing Trading Strategy

Aussie racing is booming on Betfair. During the break in UK Racing this year, Australian markets picked up more liquidity…

However, liquidity on Aussie horse racing had been growing for a while before the Coronavirus hit.

Now things are back to normal and Aussie racing isn’t all that we have. It still offers value to get involved and shouldn’t be forgotten about. I wouldn’t be surprise to see liquidity continuing to grow with the backing of Betfair Australia.

Aussie Horse Racing Trading?

Australian horse racing is always going to appeal to the early risers in the UK! You have a nice early start each morning. Using Geekstoy I went through my thought process when trading Aussie racing in the video below.

As you can see, it only takes seconds to make a profit on Betfair when you use the right process and place the trades at the right time. Hindsight is always an easy thing, but there’s a lot of good opportunity to trade Aussie horse racing.

The key for me is how quickly you can get in and out of the market as we head down to the post time. Of course, the more liquidity there is the easiest that is to do. Unfortunately, sometimes we have Live Video issues with Aussie racing and that was also a factor in the video. Hopefully this is something that Betfair can improve on. For me the main thing to take away from the video is how to approach the race before even thinking about placing a trade. It’s all about finding the right indicators and allowing the market to show you what’s happening rather than just jumping in straight away.

Studying the market took longer than the trading to make a profit. 

Can You Trade Aussie Horse Racing Full Time?

This is an interesting question. The reality is it entirely depends on how much income you need to live your life. Aussie racing markets on Betfair are improving, but they are not yet close to where liquidity is on UK racing. I feel if you are going to make a full-time income you would have to focus on UK racing markets when you’re talking about a full-time income.

With that being said, there is no reason why you can’t add Australian horse racing to your portfolio when trading. Especially if the early morning start times suit your lifestyle. With liquidity growing and Betfair Australia driving more and more engagement from the Aussie public, it might pay to put in the hard yards now and learn how the Aussie markets operate before liquidity reaches new levels meaning you’re ahead of the crowd.

In regard to a full-time income from trading; I would focus on UK Racing as my top priority. What you learn trading in the UK can always transfer over to the Aussie racing markets, but I don’t think an Aussie trading expert could transfer their skills to the UK racing as easily.

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One thought on “$40 Australian Horse Racing Trading Strategy

  1. Interesting video Caan. Liquidity seems to have dropped off again here in Oz though. Living in Aus makes trading UK hard time zone wise of course-especially with a day job. I heard recently that some of the biggest and best traders only ever made 25-30k per year-even in the UK. I am sure there are outliers making a lot more but they would be a very small population imho. Makes one wonder if it is worth it -especially in Oz. Is a good hobby so I keep going for that, for now, but doubt it will pay the bills. Also,the track in the video-Rosehill-while very good to trade is in NSW (state). BF charges 10% commission on those tracks as well as if you back more than 6k in one week in NSW you pay 2.4% of the aggregate value of matched back bets . This is called turnover charge (don’t get me started 🙂 ) so caveat emptor 🙂

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