Accumulator Generator Review: Does it Work?

Accumulator Generator Review

Accumulator Generator has a lot of good reviews, however is it really worth the money?

In this article, we will take a look at accumulator generator, how it works and what betting tools it offers.

Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator for Betting

It’s fair to say the shrewd punter doesn’t like accumulator betting. “Acca’s” are usually a bookmakers dream. You often hear the words “Mug Acca” thrown around on Twitter. When you first approach this software you always have that in the back of your head, but there have been a lot of tests with the software and most of them come out in profit. It’s a very similar product to Each Way Sniper, which is also a Mike Cruickshank product, however it’s a bit better than that.

Basically in a nutshell, Accumulator Generator takes advantage of the refund offers bookmakers offer on accumulators. Bookmakers are very happy to offer these refund offers because accumulators are usually a very profitable bet for them. You’ll always see ads like “Acca Insurance” or “money back if one leg let’s your Acca down.” Accumulator Generator aims to take all the hassle out of the calculations but you still need to do some work, which we’ll explain below.

How Accumulator Generator works

This is Mike Cruickshank product, so you know it’s going to be simple to use and take advantage of bookmakers. He launched it with an intention that anyone could use it, even if they didn’t understand betting at the start.

Accumulator Generator takes advantage of the bookmakers’ refunds by working them out in your advantage. You will have to lay each selection one by one however, so the key thing to remember here is not put two selections in an Acca kicking off at the same time. Because of this, it does require some work and effort as you can’t just place one bet and lay, and then forget about it like Matched Betting.

The system lays the bet against the potential refund while keeping an eye on all the possible outcomes. It also finds all the offers for you, which is pretty handy but what most Matched Betting sides do also. You don’t have to go through hefty calculations either because they will also be done for you. You also do not need to have a knowledge of odds and teams because this server will handle everything.

What’s included

When you install Accumulator Generator, you don’t need to download its features separately since you will get everything in a one go. You’ll find in the software:

Acca Matcher 

It’s a place where you spend most of your time:

Accumulator Generator Matcher

Here is where you will find all the Acca’s available to you, it searches all the outcomes and finds the best Acca’s. This is clearly a huge advantage because it saves a huge amount of time. Not only are you benefiting from the bookmaker offer, but you are taking value bets too which helps when laying off on Betfair.

Bet Finder

With this tool you can do/get:

  • An updated list of offers every 60 seconds
  • It’s custom made so you choose any bookmaker and Acca type
  • Selection of leagues and teams
  • Easy to use free bets and find Acca’s with selected bookmaker

Accumulator Generator Bet Finder


This automatically fills your stake and odds in the field when you come to calculations. So no need of grabbing a pen and paper, just click once and the job will be done for you!


Here, you receive notifications regarding your Acca’s and what’s available to you. It’s just a simple way of tracking your own bets, which again is a handy tool and cuts down on time.

Videos for training and demonstration

Accumulator Generator Acc Matcher

If you’re new to betting then you will need these videos. They include:

  • Basic Tutorials
  • A secure checklist
  • Training mode
  • Advanced Tutorials

The Training Mode

Accumulator Generator Trainning

One of the best qualities that Accumulator Generator has is its training mode. It is especially handy for beginners who need to learn how betting works. These tutorials are easy to understand, so it won’t take long to get a handle on what’s needed.

Custom support

This is helpful for beginners who run into issues, or you run into any issues with the software. Customer service is to be expected when you are paying for a service however, so it’s nothing unusual.

What if you have two losers?

This is a common question about the system, because bookmakers only refund if you have one loser. It’s obvious to question it, but the software actually covers it. Basically in a nutshell, if one leg loses you then are laying against the potential refund. You are already “using” the free bet so to speak, so you don’t end up losing money.

You can work it out many different ways. Lay and hope no more losers, use the bonus, or treat it as an advantage play and then if the situation allows lock in profit. It’s personal choice what way you go, but it’s all covered in the software. Let’s break these options down a little:

Lay And Hope

This isn’t a profitable strategy long-term! It’s basically betting which we don’t want to do. Placing Acca with bookies and laying it off with the exchanges means that you are hoping if your one leg loses, you get fully refunded. However, if no leg or more than one loses, then you suffer from a small loss.


You lay off each Acca as you continue, continuously making more money through it all along before you hit a loser.

Locking In Profit

As you continue with the process, you lay off each section in such a way that no matter what, the amount of profit you earn remains the same. (The software covers the calculations!)

Advantage Play

This is common in Matched Betting. Basically you try let the profits run on one outcome and accept some will lose but you have an edge over the bookmaker, thus winning in the long-run and limiting losses.

Why Choose Accumulator Generator?

There’s a lot of benefits to using Accumulator Generator. Some of the ones we like are:

  • You can easily find bets that suit you the best.
  • All calculations are done just by one click.
  • You can place bets through your phone.
  • The list of bets gets updated every 60 seconds.
  • The server reminds you of upcoming games.
  • You can learn the art of betting through its attached videos.
  • You do not need to invest bundles of cash to earn profit.

The Educational Videos

The product itself as in reality very simple to use, however for beginners it’s always nice to have videos to show you how to do things. We all know how costly a mistake can be with betting. Everything here is explained point by point and easy to understand for any level.

You should be able to understand the logic and math behind  how bookmakers use their offers, what it takes to understand the direction of the market, and how can you get an edge on the bookmaker.

Accumulator Generator Full Breakdown

Our Verdict

Mike Cruickshank always tends to build a good product, and Accumulator Generator does exactly what it says on the tin. It takes advantage of the bookmakers and creates a profit for you. The interested newcomers are also welcome, which is good. The software is easy to use and you should have no problem earning some extra tax-free cash every month. “Mug Acca’s” aren’t for everyone, but the software really does give you an edge here, and it’s one you should exploit.

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