Andorra! ….and back to the markets

So the last week or so has been pretty quite here as I’ve been away snowboarding again, this time in Andorra! Being the first few weeks in January I doubt I’ve missed a lot except the usual thin liquidity and manipulation in the racing markets…

So I don’t feel bad at all about having had a week off and an all-round a great time! The first couple of days were a little thin off-piste although plenty of snow on the actual runs which wasn’t too bad as the friend I took hadn’t boarded before. From there on there was a couple of days worth of snow which made for some awesome conditions, here’s some footage I’ve just put together from the week:

(excuse the audio, the song had to be removed due to copyright restrictions on YouTube)

Now that’s out the way its time to kick on. The markets are likely to be a little less eventful over the next month although liquidity usually increases around the lead up to Cheltenham before exploding over the festival week! These thin conditions aren’t ideal for producing huge results although in the past I have found them prime time to learn more about how the markets function and build new trading strategies, with less going on it can be clearer to see at times… although that said it seems each year the amount of unmatched money sat around the prices increases probably due to some heavy automation trimming off the over-exaggerated price movements.

Having had the time away it always feeds the need to kick on and improve to allow more time on holiday! I seem to have a hell of a lot of time off although it could be hard to resist another break snowboarding before the seasons out!

4 thoughts on “Andorra! ….and back to the markets

  1. He Caan. I have recently started using the geeks toy software after trying a few of the other free trials from the betfair api page. I do like the geeks toy although it does look more complicated then the others.
    Im relatively new to trading but have used the betfair site quite a bit in the last few months. Im finding it hard to read the markets at the moment and seem to win 50% and lose 50%.
    Alot of the time i place my entry bet and then the market goes againts me.
    Is there any training books/videos that you think would benifit me with this ??

    1. Hi Dan, sure the YouTube channel should be of use. Mentality wise i always recommend trading in the zone by mark douglas. Experience counts for a lot so sit and watch some markets once you understand the interfaces and you can learn a fair bit that way!

      1. Thanks. Trading in the zone is now on my kindle wishlist and should have have it to read by the end of the week. I have watched hours and hours of the youtube videos, which is where I first stumbled across trading on betfair and found it so interesting. Now ive just got to work out when I can trade around my normal job. Thanks again.

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