Were Half Way There….

I wasn’t expecting to fit any trading in today. So it was all good when I managed to squeeze most of the afternoon into a […]

Where’s all the money?

Ok, so after dusting myself off from the recent disaster and reloading with my overdraft its been one nightmare after another… due to expenses i’ve […]

Behaviour: Do or Die, No Excuses…

How much impact does your behaviour have? Note: This old post (January 2011) is one I get emailed about the most. I’ve recently updated it […]


Ok so after a day or so off I’ve managed to stop sulking and crack on. Reloading my bank from my overdraft for the time […]

Crash and Burn…

that hurt…. January 11, 2011 Ok so this weeks been a nightmare so far… Monday morning I walk into work to hear ‘you’ve got a […]

It’s Time to Relax?

Firstly I had a few questions after my first post so I thought I’d just give a little more background info on the trading. I […]