Out of The Tunnel And Into The Light!!


Only a few races and some pretty mediocre results but its far more than that!

I’m really quite happy with myself because I seem to have broken the ‘vicious circle’ quicker than I have ever managed before, hopefully this is going to be a long-term thing as it can really become quite a hard slog against yourself when you get it in your head you can’t make any money from the markets anymore.. if you’ve been a reader for a while you probably have realised in the past its took me at least a week and far more the majority of the time.

It can be a real pain in the arse.


The solution is really quite simple. Time out re-adjust a little bit of work on the mind and start again nice and steady (as above). Maintaining it for a few days should do me the world of good.

It might seem boring but is making money really boring? or just what we all seek when trading, arguably at times it’s not why we trade?! probably a rather big difference that exists between the professionals and the learners.

I’ve found a few different methods to help me focus, and get in the right environment mentally for trading, something else I’d stopped prior to my little problems last week or so. Also its evident if some things aren’t right in day-to-day life then they need sorting first.

Maslows Higher-achy of Needs is of particular interest:

Maslows theory

Rather deep I know. I’m learning fast this sort of stuff is really important to consistency and progression.
I feel as though I’ve walked out of the tunnel of paranoia and into the light of positivity. The result speaks for itself.

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