#CheltenhamFestival – I Need A Lie Down!!


#CheltenhamFestival Lie Down

It’s proving pretty tricky to adapt to this Cheltenham madness!! It’s certainly not like the markets I’ve become accustomed to throughout the year.
To make matters worse I haven’t got the biggest bank in the world, which would be a little more helpful at the moment. On the plus side; it does ‘feel’ a little easier, even if it’s slower going.
I think a lot of progress over Cheltenham festival is down to being patient, something I’m not all that great at right now! Actually, I’m rubbish at it!!
Today’s effort was slightly better than previous, but not by much…
The total result come in at just over £60, which is okay but doesn’t reflect the days effort really. I had a few good positions but learnt a few things with regards to big meetings. They behave quite different which seems difficult to adapt to initially… I’ll be bearing it in mind next year!

Scary Stuff…

Well, what can I say? that was scary! But only because I pushed my luck!
On the whole it was a bit of a frustrating day. I was certainly over-staking at points, but the markets let me get away with it (probably because of all the extra betting). Despite the daft mistakes I feel as though I am making progress, learning if you will…
The 3.20 race was by far the most exciting, being the feature that’s understandable I guess. I scared the living granny out of myself by getting into a position where I was on for £30 a tick! pretty much my whole bank. Thankfully I was able to scratch it, it was a stupid mistake. The upside being I didn’t have to learn this time through making a massive loss, ignoring the fact I made that mistake though would be silly too.
Shortly after I calmed down. I was dead chuffed with the 4.00 race as the maximum stake I used was £200, clearing a whopping £38.34 in one race, that’s pretty decent at this stage for me. I’m not quite sure at the moment why it was so effortless. I did wonder if it’s because the traders in the market had calmed down for the day after the feature event leaving more ‘mug’ betting money on offer? I don’t know.
More of that tomorrow and ill be happy enough, if I can get rid of the silly errors too it’ll be a victory to my mind. The one thing that keeps cropping up in my mind though; if I had a few more quid in the bank it might not be so frustrating. Without wanting to blame the daft mistakes on anything other than myself I can see it would be helpful to be able to spread orders about without having to worry about how much I have available to bet. It’s a pain when my money is in a good position and I dont want to move it for loss of that position but don’t have enough to put elsewhere!
…………right I really am off for a lie down!

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