Gambling With Heart Attacks: Where Have I Been? What Happened to Me?

Around 2 months ago, something rather dramatic happened to me. As some of you have noticed – my social media accounts fell silent.

Apologies to those who have sent messages and not received a response. Finally, I’m ready to update you all in full (sorry about the length).

So in this article, I’ll explain what happened, why, where I’ve been, and what the future looks like for me. I’ll do my best to explain what it all felt like and how it’s been a positive.

First off; I’m okay. For now at least anyway…

Important Context to Explain:

Over the last year or two, the way public consumers are being abused and exploited by gambling companies (assisted by the regulator) has got out of control.

Previously, I wrote about this at length in a separate article here.

However, despite my efforts (and others) the mainstream media refuse to pick it up (several journalists have been in touch). Politicians have shown interest initially, but haven’t followed through and some have done their best to minimise the ongoing issues.

My complaints and pursuit of the truth have led to multiple threats and legal letters. Perhaps surprisingly, the very worst have come from those who repeatedly get uncontested airtime with the BBC and Sky News – they claim to care about those harmed.

Whilst accusing others, these people are gambling with other people’s lives.

Politicians and the mainstream media endorse their behaviour and their wildly manipulated statistics are presented as truth. Tragic stories claiming that someone took their own life are repeated over and over again – many of the real facts excluded.

Why? For alternative agenda, and as always – money and power.

It’s sad to see. Some of them clearly can’t come to terms with what has happened, or perhaps why it really happened. Instead of taking responsibility, it’s easier to blame it all on gambling and go on a click-worthy media crusade backed by their jilted cheerleaders.

Fun Fact: did you know the creator of 3 card poker, a former casino mogul as described by the Daily Mail has also funded multiple organisations that seek to further regulate and suppress online gambling?

For average consumers, the gambling public and myself – this has become depressing. We’re picking up the bill for their mistruth. The gambling regulator is a complete failure in this regard. Its own CEO is fully aware of the problems, yet when pressed on them; accused me of being silly and making things up.

This site’s inbox contains so many stories of gambling companies using “gambling harm” as a reason to avoid paying out. Apologies if I have not replied, there are just too many of you.

It’s costing real people, real money. Lots of it.

Where Have I Been and Why?

Picture this; the above situation has been seriously frustrating you. Over the last few months, you’ve been suffering from stomach problems and the odd trickling sensation in the centre of your chest.

Life is good, but the manipulative nature of various activists, politicians and extremely biased media coverage winds you up. After all, their behaviour is having a direct impact on your livelihood (and many others who email you).

After a while, you decide to visit the doctor to get your tummy checked out. As you wait, it’s even more frustrating. On the noticeboard in the waiting room is yet more gambling propaganda with false statistics pushed by those previously mentioned.

The doctor checks you out; they can’t see anything immediately wrong. Their advice is just to be less stressed. As a follow-up, they book you in for an electrocardiogram later in the week.

Following the test, the doctor calls “you need to go to A&E for further checks”. It’s all a little odd and they won’t say anything further but you don’t think much of it.

That second smaller bump shouldn’t be there.

Skipping forward to A&E the nurse calls you in, which is where the real fun starts…

After hooking you up to another machine she mutters “bless you” under her breath and scurries out of the room. A few minutes later she returns with a doctor, a nurse, a hospital porter and a wheelchair. Nobody seems to want to explain anything but they won’t let you walk. After being whizzed off down the corridor, strapped to some different monitors and several blood samples you’re getting a bit pissed off.

Then, Doctor number 3 arrives…

With a tear in her eye she explains that; you’ve had a heart attack, your troponin blood test (stress test essentially) is more than double the maximum accepted level. You can’t leave, shouldn’t get out of bed, and need to be monitored as there’s an increased chance of having another. Further tests and scans need to be done.

Great. The next 48-72 hours are a rollercoaster experience.

Sat in a hospital ward, surrounded by other cardiac patients, you see others come and go with varying problems. Some fill out last-minute Wills and insurance papers whilst sitting in bed. Mostly, you think about those you love, your children, all of the things you haven’t done yet.

What Follows…

Eventually, after seeing the cardiologist, it’s explained that although something is clearly up – but they don’t know what.

It’s believed that it probably wasn’t a heart attack and your stress levels have dropped considerably. You’re young (just turned 38) healthy, well-exercised and have a good diet. You’ll be discharged for now with three sets of pills to take each day while you await a cardiac MRI. An NHS letter will follow but the waiting time is around 2-3 months.

Cue massive anxiety.

This is why I suddenly went quiet. There’s so much that could be said, the NHS is clearly an extremely disjointed unorganised shit-show wasting money all over the place. However, the whole experience was a massive wake-up call. After a day back at home I decided things had to change…

Instead of branding myself a vulnerable victim and blaming everyone else, much like those who had been stressing me out – I took responsibility.

I did the following:

  • Booked a private MRI – because financially exploiting the vulnerable is fine when it’s not gambling.
  • Cut out all news consumption and social media (may log back in to post this, still haven’t yet).
  • Excluding a couple of minor tasks, I immediately took 2 weeks off from all work.
  • Booked a family holiday to Greece and Antigua with the Mrs (kiddo wanted to ride a Jetski).
  • Increased the amount of meditation and exercise I do (light exercise).

The result?

I’ve never felt better – although the same issues remain.

Having quality time with the family was so much richer given the previous experience…

After returning, I eased back into my own betting activity. Strangely, my financial performance appears to have benefited considerably too. It’s just a shame the getting paid part is a nightmare.

Following the private MRI and several cardiologist appointments, a bulge on the internal wall of my heart and a dilated aortic root were discovered. I don’t expect there will be a flood of sympathy from the “gambling harm” crew because gambling with some people’s lives (mine) is fine, just not others.

Gambling And Me: What Does This Mean For My Future?

Well, for a start I don’t think I’ll be spending time on social media or reading the news (aka. opinion-based agenda-ridden hogwash). Maybe I’ll set it up for someone to share article links and create a few YouTube videos, but I don’t really see the value in it now. It’s far better for my health if I keep away from it – health has to come first.

Health-wise; I now need to have regular follow-up checks.

Regarding the betting landscape; I don’t expect the regulator will change things anytime soon. Seeing the system is totally broken, the thought of seeking out some of these people personally has crossed my mind. I totally get it when people say such things on social media. After all; its real money and real lives that are affected here – and there’s no effective recourse. However, given that we’re talking about jilted political ideologies here, there’s no point – it just means more stress.

Remember: we’re all equal, it’s just that some are more equal than others.

In terms of my own betting activity, this has been a positive experience so that’ll continue. However, outside of the exchanges, getting paid is a losing battle if you’re a consistent winner. I expect over time I’ll focus my attention elsewhere. The exchanges are great but Betfair are neglecting them year on year and I have little desire to rack up more premium charges.

Once again, apologies to all of those who have emailed and I have not replied. Hopefully, this at least gives you some explanation!


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12 thoughts on “Gambling With Heart Attacks: Where Have I Been? What Happened to Me?

  1. Massive respect for putting this up mate these people have the cheek to make out they care about destroying lives and peoples wellbeing but look at the damage they are doing!!

  2. Ironically I was wondering a few weeks back how I’d not seen any tweets from you in a long time. I was (as we all typically say) going to “DM you” but time passed by and I kept thinking “I must DM Caan to see where he is, something must have drastically happened” and alas, here is the reason why. I’m sorry to hear what has happened but also glad you are OK mate and on the way back to some normality and fitness.

  3. I wondered where you’d gone with no uploads on YouTube. You have been a force for good in the scummy bookmaker world.

    Have a word with a few other cardiologists both here and abroad. It is always worth getting a second opinion on the best course of action. No mRNA jab, right?

  4. Fair play to you for claiming responsibility and taking action. The stress isn’t worth it, and decisions have clearly already been made.

    Good luck going forward and best of health.

  5. Hello Caan, about a month ago I noticed you hadn’t been active on X in quite a while. I thought about inboxing you as we both follow one another but declined as I thought personal circumstances (obviously I was right to a large extent), maybe bereavement or something like that, so I decided not to pry any further as we aren’t personally acquainted. Obviously I’m glad to have seen this update but not so much the circumstances. Wish you well and that your health can recover as best as is possible. You were always mindful of the stresses and strains of trading before this happened to you and acted accordingly by partaking in good nutrition practices and demanding fitness regimes which you rightly advised were necessary to nullify the physically sedentary lifestyle caused by of long days of trading. You certainly did your bit when it comes to trying to look after yourself. And obviously you are now even more than ever focussed on continuing to do so. And always very approachable, helpful, humourous and responsive to us followers who admire what you do. Yikes, I must stop,this is starting to sound more like an obituary! Come back strong, I know you will – obviously hearing less from you on socials will make us miss you but accept it’s for the best. Warmest regards mate, Rob Humphreys (x-Robogoat)

  6. had you been covid vaxxed? We should not be afraid to speak out! This massive spike in heart problems, especially when it’s young and healthy men and women who are suddenly dealing with this awful problem! It doesn’t make sense….unless it was the jab!

  7. Glad to hear you’re ok Caan. It sounds strange but given how the betting landscape works, I almost feel at fault!

  8. Caan, mate, so sorry you’ve had to go through this. So proud of you for responding the way you have. The holiday must have been a special one. All I can say is I’ve watched you for years & love to shit out of you, but totally get that life stuff is more important than all this internet stuff. Praying for you mate

  9. Hope you are doing better soon Caan – very sorry to hear what you’ve been through. I followed your own story from early on in your blog, as I myself have been through massive ups and downs in life and finance and trading. You always seemed someone happy to tell their own true story on here, warts and all from difficult earlier times in your career trading. That can be a rare thing for us odd bunch of ‘trading people’ we are, so you help many in that way. Really hope you pick up well after all this health scare, and like you suggest it can be a good reality-check such scares. All the best mate.

  10. I hope you return to full fitness Caan, you have and will always be a huge influence on myself and many many more. It would be fantastic to see you post videos and content in the future, but as your health is your wealth it would be totally understandable if you took a step back from the stresses and strains of campaigning for a fairer and more transparent system. Stay strong, get well and be lucky, take care and I for one hope to see you post in the future. Good Luck Cann.

  11. Get well Caan!
    Dealing with the big C myself.
    Have found a few life hacks also that are helping me get back on track.
    Sleep, Hydration Diet & Meditation is the foundation for everything else I found.
    All the best, thanks for everything.

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