Andy Murray… could of been worse, could of been British

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So he’s out…. But im not really surprised. Federer looked well on top of his serve during the match, what I see of it anyway. I was half tempted to sit and watch the match and wait for an opening to trade the second set, although after a full day on the horses I’d developed a bit of a headache so decided against it. I managed to watch Federer put the finishing touches on things between weight’s sets in the gym.

Although tennis isn’t really my thing, I’ve enjoyed Wimbledon a lot more this year. I have come to the conclusion though, for me the WTA is by far preferable. The extra breaks in serve make for some far bigger returns-to-stake, and in truth I find the ATP a bit repetitive. I guess it’s not all just about money but about doing something you actually enjoy too!

Speaking of enjoying what you do, Newmarket is upon us again. Today looks like a good cracker for trading the Nags, hopefully the Williams match won’t distract too much money from the markets.

Todays racing schedule looks more like new years day with 10 races on Channel 4 it will be interesting to see how things pan out, usually there is considerably less. Five minute gaps are likely to have an effect too, if you’re not used to it just be mindful of this. When overlaps and delayed races creep in it can have a big effect on the following race as the betting public rarely bet much volume until they can at least see the horses!



4 thoughts on “Andy Murray… could of been worse, could of been British

  1. What a strange title for your blog post. You do realize Britain is made up of England, Wales and Scotland right? That does actually make Murray British. Being British does not just mean English :-/

    1. Yeah, im assuming your unaware of the comments hes made in the past when he wins – hes scottish only. But when he doesn’t hes British… hence the title.

  2. Ah ok, got you now Chuck. Good luck in your trading. I find your youtube videos interesting in their info and also inspirational as to what can be achieved in this old trading lark. I’ve built a decent bank trading in-play but couldn’t fathom pre-race until now where i seem to making some progress. Good luck.

  3. “could of been worse, could of been British”
    Try “could have been worse, could have been British”
    I know you’re a proud (not to say intolerant) young Britisher, but you’re not THAT young, surely?
    Children in the upper grades of Primary school wouldn’t be as clueless.
    But of course, you’re the British epitome, ruled, wrong, right-winged.
    Andy Murray is a world class athlete and tennis star, recognized as such by his peers, though predictably resented by English losers.
    Kindest regards,
    Michael Lynch

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