Another weekend, another problem with betfair

Evening all, wasn’t gonna update but thought i would incase anyone else was caught in a similar incident..

Today in the 14.45 the race was called off while running due to a horse being injured, fair enough, betfair voided all the in running bets in the market for this (i did not trade in running on this one).

For a period of 2 and a half hours my account exposure was -£23.49 as this was the amount i was red on the market. The race was to be re-run at 19.25, some bookies cancelled all bets some didnt, betfair in their infinate wisdom did not, they just put the R4 reduction on the pre race bets reducing 28%.

However when they reopened the market my exposure suddenly increased to £181, after a long conversation on the phone in which they changed what the ‘thought’ had happened several times they were saying that i placed a bet 1 second before the off for £157 that was not matched and lapsed, although on my account statement now no such bet lapsed, also the exposure did not appear till after the market re-opened, they then said it could of been taking in running, impossible seeing the persistance was not to keep in running as i was trading pre race….. so where did the bet go? I dont know now even, its not on my matched, unmatched, or lapsed records on my account even though the operator on the phone told me he could see it did exist and had lapsed…. their answer… not our fault SHOCK!!!!!!! Anyway the market reopened and the particular runner was priced at 6.4 with my reduction crossover at 5.2 …… result, an extra 40 odd quid loss… just another reason for BETDAQ i suppose.
This took several hours to sort on the phone and alot of stress, the worse thing was that the operator said to me ‘you must be wrong as our system dosen’t make errors’ ….. at which point i replied… are you kidding me ? “Voler Va Dette”  Joke company.

Rant over.

If anything like this happened to you, id urge you to contact IBAS as i have.

One thought on “Another weekend, another problem with betfair

  1. Similar thing happened to me. Was £14 up when the race was called off. Hours later the email came through about my trades having been voided. Then just after, at about 5.30pm, my balance drops £230 and so I checked the UAE race and low-and-behold I’m exposed for the same amount!! Traded out for a fiver loss and thanked my lucky stars for my own vigilence! Not worth a call to Betfair imps for this as they never tell you want you a) want to hear and b) need to know 🙁

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