One month on…..

One month into the “final challenge” for the blog, and I must say, it has been rather satisfying. Thank you to everyone who responded to the last post and participated in the poll! Your feedback was enlightening, especially for those just starting out. Since the Cheltenham event, there have been some notable changes, seemingly for the better, which I attribute largely to the reflections and adjustments sparked by my last post.

Understanding one’s edge in trading, as I mentioned last year, is crucial, and execution is paramount. The slight adjustments in consistency and stakes have indeed made a significant difference. The drawback, of course, is the potential for larger losses, but I’ve felt better equipped to handle these, knowing the overall potential for profit is greater.

The markets have been somewhat turbulent over the last two days, affecting the month’s profit/loss in a way I hadn’t anticipated, especially after gaining some momentum for March. Yesterday saw a loss of £130, and today started with a £96 loss after the first two races, prompting me to revert to smaller stakes. This strategy helped, and I was pleased to end the day down just a little over ten pounds. Importantly, these losses haven’t troubled me much, which I take as a positive sign of my growth in this area.

I plan to update the chart on the blog to reflect these changes as soon as possible. Despite the recent setbacks, I believe I’m currently about 12% towards my goal for the month.

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