Betfair Australia Interview for Horse Racing Traders…

Caan Berry

Are you an Australian Betfair Trader? Or are you interested in trading the Australian racing markets from the UK?

If the answer to either of those questions is yes, this one is for you…

Betfair Australia have recently ramped up their marketing effort. The minimum bet placement ruling (in Australia) must be good for business. So when they asked for a video interview, I was more than happy to help!

Betfair Trading Australian Style:

Their aim was to extract insight from someone that’s been there and done it, covering topics like:

  • How I got started
  • Where I focus my trading attention
  • Favourite strategies
  • Realistic expectations

Have a peek at Part 1 below.

Australian betting liquidity is gradually increasing so it’s one to keep an eye on going forward. Admittedly, the latency issues from the UK make things tricky with short-term trading but there’s no reason not to get stuck in over longer time-frames.

Check back for Part 2  of this interview shortly!

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