Back in action!

So far this year I’ve started as I mean to go on! A decent week’s work followed by a week in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. It was a wicked week to break up this miserable winter weather, I’m now back and re-charged ready to take the markets head on.

The break away also gave me a lot of time to reflect on a few things I have learnt recently, the main focus being on Pareto’s Principle. I’ve mentioned it previously although it will be something I’m going to focus on over the coming months missing out the worst trading days/markets and focusing even harder on the ones that are best for me. Hopefully I can apply it to my life outside of trading too! It should be interesting.


Soaking up some rays at the poolside last week…

I hadn’t been to Tenerife before but would definitely go again, maybe when it’s slightly hotter although we only had one day where the weather wasn’t that great so shouldnt complain!

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas it was nice to get away and chill out while seeing somewhere different. During the week I managed to see some dolphins, take a VIP cruise on a catamaran, try out the local cuisine, made some new friends and even drunk so much I can’t remember what happened one afternoon (completely by accident with the ‘all inclusive’ alcohol).

Back in business…

So with a week off that leaves me a couple of % behind of the average target for this years challenge. I’m not particularly worried though as I fully expect to make up a large % of the year’s total target throughout mid March to the beginning of August.

It feels like eternity but the Flat season will soon be upon us with fuller markets. If you haven’t traded the summer racing previously and are just getting into this now it will be worth the wait! And if you did last year but hadn’t quite got the hang of things it’ll be a welcome opportunity to turn some better results in possibly even increasing stakes!

Exciting times ahead, good luck if your trading this week!!




11 thoughts on “Back in action!

  1. Have you factored in the premium charge for the years target… does my head in as i always forget till they take a slice.

    1. Hey ron, the 100k isn’t excluding the PC unfortunately. I know the feeling mate, most weeks i log in on a wednesday and start to panic thinking my account is a few hundred quid down! At least i don’t get as far as phoning up before i realise anymore haha.

      1. Hi Caan and Ron. Is it possible to trade using a partner/family member account in order to dodge the PC? Seems wrong to take so much commission from the most successful traders. Do you have to reach 250k before they start to take their 60% or whatever it is now?

  2. hi caan. How many % of your betfair capital do you trade in single race? what is your average profit% in a week or daily `?

    thanks. I’ve been learning to trade with smaller amounts but would like to get serious. what kind of capital did you start with full time?

  3. hi Caan. how much do you trade from your betfair capital per trade? how much you make average weekly % to your betfair capital?

  4. I thought I read somewhere that the fees only apply to the really high rollers 300k +. Are there different % brackets based on earnings?

  5. Hey Chris, i’ve heard of people attempting it but its not worth it in my opinion, betfair close accounts they suspect of it.

    Alan its 250k Net profit before the 60% charge, until then its only 20% which is fair enough seeing its tax free

    Pepe – on average i think i use about 5 – 10% of my bank per trade, dependant on the situation. However i do that many times entering and exiting the market in the last 10 minutes to the start.

  6. Hi caan ,
    Nice to see you had a good break and are feeling fully refreshed : )
    Just want to ask if you are keeping your eye on ladbrokes exchange ? It seems to be picking up quite a bit and there is a lot more volume going in,i feel betfair are going to have serious competition within the next 18 months and sooner or later they will have to cut the premium charge by some margin in order to keep ahead. I feel it is going to be an exciting next 12-18 months with a lot of opportunities for the traders ,whats your thoughts on it caan ?

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