Bet Angel Review: As Betfair Software, How Does It Rate?

Bet Angel Software Review

This Bet Angel review has been created for all of those who write in, asking for our opinion on the Betfair software.

We’re going to take a look at everything; from what it is, features offered, cost and up to how we rate it…

What Is Bet Angel Betfair Trading Software?

Bet Angel was founded by Peter Webb, one of the first betting exchange users. He’s active on social media (as Bet Angel) and his website where he shares thoughts on sports trading and betting.

One of the first pieces of software that made use of the exchange API was Bet Angel. Originally produced to enhance Peter Webb’s Betfair trading, it soon evolved into a piece of publically available software. Since it’s first release extra features have been added that some users have suggested. Many of which are active on the Bet Angel forum. The forum is generally used to review the markets and software issues amongst the regulars.

Bet Angel has many different software versions including a free version that works with Betdaq. The other versions of Bet Angel available to download are Bet Angel Professional, Professional (Server Edition), trader and basic.

Bet Angel is certainly among the top three Betfair trading software’s available, my number 1 choice being Geeks Toy, as regular readers will know.

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How Much Bet Angel Cost?

Bet Angel Professional includes all of the Bet Angel tools such as Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader. The cheapest long-term price is £149.99 which is equivalent to £12.50 per month. There are also options for 6, 3, 2 and 1 month subscriptions which cost slightly more over the longer period. Should you want to use Bet Angel for one day and you have exhausted your free trial already, you can buy 24 hour access for £0.99.

If you don’t want the extra features of Bet Angel Professional but still want to use Bet Angel software, you can make use of Bet Angel Trader. This is a slimmer version of Bet Angel that includes features such as the ladder-interface but doesn’t include Guardian or tools such as Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader. You can buy Bet Angel trader for £6 per month or buy a full years subscription for £60.

Why Use Bet Angel Professional?

For a start; if you’re to succeed in trading, it’s going to be a lot harder without software. Peter Webb obviously realised this quite early on!

Bet Angel will help you react to situations in the markets as they happen, it also provides streaming charts and information to help analyse what’s going on. The software interface itself is fairly clean, and some aspects can be customised depending on what you’re trading (very important).

Personally; I have played around with Bet Angel in the past but don’t use it. A lot of the added features are nice, but not of real use to me and my trading style.

Talking of which…

Features: What’s it Got?

For ease of reading, I’ll cover features that are included in Bet Angel Professional. This is the most advanced distribution, including the most features. Other versions such as Bet Angel Trader are cheaper to purchase but have less on offer.


The advanced charting in Bet Angel is one of the main feature of interest. Some other trading software’s rely on using the charts provided by Betfair themselves (can be found on Betfair for free). Although you are able to access Betfair Exchange charts from within Bet Angel, you also have access to the Advanced Charting windows.

Advanced Charting allows you to build a chart in a style that you are comfortable using. For example, you can add moving average lines, MACD’s, RSI’s and even change the colour of the volume bars if you really want to. There’s all sorts of technical indicators available to add, should you want to include them in your trading setup. Traded volume is probably the one I find most useful.


Bet Angel’s Guardian feature allows you to add markets you are interested in to a watch list that you can use as an overview of multiple markets. This makes it easy to keep track of prices in multiple markets and can be handy on busy weekends when football overlaps horse racing, for example. Also it’s not a bad shout when keeping track of early movement.

Adding markets to Guardian will also cause the software to keep track of market history. For example; if you switch markets without adding them to Guardian, you will lose any previously recorded advanced charts. By adding them to the Guardian list, the software will keep recording market movements even if you are trading a different market. Not a huge bonus but certainly less annoying then when you closed something you later need.


Besides manual trading, Bet Angel has one of the better automation features of any third-party software.

You can find the bulk of automation features within Guardian (mentioned above). From here, users can create trading rules and commands which can be automatically triggered at user-defined points. For example; you can use Guardian automation to bet on the market at a particular time and green up before the market goes in-play. It doesn’t take long for it to get complicated but if that’s your thing Bet Angel is probably going to be one of your first choices.

The Bet Angel forum has some examples uploaded for sharing.

Image: Soccer Mystic

Bet Angel Soccer Mystic

Soccer Mystic

Completely unique to Bet Angel, Soccer Mystic is an included tool that assists with football (soccer) trading. The main function of the tool is to predict price movements at certain times of a game when goals are scored. For example; you can input a predicted away goal at 60 minutes and Soccer Mystic will predict where the odds may lie at this point. It will also help to calculate profit and loss with certain goal scenarios. The only negative being; it’s just a guesstimate. Not something to be staking your life’s savings on!

Tennis Trader

Tennis Trader works in a similar way to Soccer Mystic. The difference being; it’s for tennis trading instead of soccer. The tool will help predict where odds may move to after key points in a tennis match. For example; if there is a break of serve or if a set is won. I’ve explored the tennis markets a fair bit using this tool. In some situations it can be of assistance, the only problem being; like soccer mystic – it’s not 100% accurate.

Ladder View

The ladder interface makes it easy to see all order that are currently active in the market. Using the exchange website alone, it’s not easy to quickly see where all the orders in the market are sitting. The ladder interface makes this much easier and also allows you to place trades within it.

Although it’s not a unique feature to Bet Angel, it’s a very useful part of the software that makes sports trading much more efficient.

One-Click Betting

One-click betting can be activated in various trading modes using Bet Angel. There is also a specific one-click trading screen that offers a fully customisable grid layout to suit your personal preferences. You can use this layout in conjunction with staking settings such as “fill or kill” or “tick-offset”. More for those who like to bet in-play I would imagine.

Practice Mode

Practice mode is a great way of getting used to the software without risking any money in the markets.

Switch between live and practice mode at the log in screen when you first load up Bet Angel. Practice mode can be particularly helpful when you are testing automation files using Guardian. As it could potentially be very costly if you test an automation file with real money. Thinking more towards those times it isn’t quite set up right and triggers too often…

Download Bet Angel Professional Free:

Bet Angel Trader Review

If you’re unsure if Bet Angel Professional is for you, they offer a 14 day free trial. Most other Betfair Exchange software’s offer a free trial of similar length.

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Tech Specs & Requirements

Professional is primarily built for Windows 7,8, 8.1 or 10 machines, although there are ways of running it on Mac OS X devices.

  • The minimum processor requirement is 1.5GHz on either Intel or AMD.
  • Minimum of 1GB RAM.
  • Minimum of 50Mb hard disk space.

Although it’s not necessary, you may wish to use Bet Angel Professional with gaming keyboards and mice that have spare, programmable keys. Within Bet Angel, much like Geeks Toy and Gruss it’s possible to programme certain keys or mouse buttons to perform certain actions such as greening up or cancelling bets.

Bet Angel Coupon Codes:

If you’re looking for a cheeky discount Bet Angel also have coupon codes available!

Typically there is around £50 discount available if you don’t purchase the product straight away. We managed to find one for you here.

That additional fifty quid off makes for a good trade, particularly when you consider the high price-tag for this particular software product. If you know of any others, feel free to drop them in the comments at the bottom of this Bet Angel review.


On the whole, Bet Angel is a decent bit of kit. It has all the right features and functionality you’ll need to succeed.

Longer term readers will know I prefer Geeks Toy, but in the interest of fairness I have to say; Bet Angel has very similar features. There’s a few extra elements to use as well, such as soccer mystic, although I haven’t been able to find useful application for them. Typically the price indicators are lagging.

The only downside for me is the cost and a little more customisation could be of use. Other than that, I’d probably have Bet Angel joint with Gruss as my second choice of software.

For those that are into automation, and able to write the commands required to build a automation bot, it has to be trailed at least.

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22 thoughts on “Bet Angel Review: As Betfair Software, How Does It Rate?

  1. Great review Caan and it’s good to see an unbiased viewpoint also. As for soccer Mystic it’s a useful tool to get an idea when scalping O/U or 0-0 within a specific time frame in order to realise a set Profit, but of course it is as you say only a guesstimate. Peter also has loads of videos on You Tube explaining the many aspects of BA and also strategies that can be applied. I should also mention the latest version has been improved to give a much faster speed down to 20ms and that goes a long way when loading multiple markets into Guardian. Thanks for the write up and it should help anyone make the decision whether or not to go for trading software which in the long view is important for success.

    1. Thanks, Wayne. Of course, there’s no reason to bias a review – even if I do use other Software. It’s still a decent bit of kit.


  2. Hello, thank you for this insightful review. I have recently been looking at the different Betfair softwares that are available and for me it has been a decision between Bet Angel and Geeks Toy. Previously I was thinking about buying the last one as a lifetime thingy but after this I may use the Bet Angel trial a bit more to use some of the extra features I didn’t know much about.

    TIA x

    1. Ha, I’d certainly advise you try everything thoroughly before coming to a fixed decision Sarah. It takes a while to know which software is your preferred one, hence the reason for the review!


  3. Hi Caan
    Ive been interested in trading for a while now, I am at a point where I can devote more time to learning the basics,and taking it from there. Can you recommend any Trading Courses that would help me.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Obviously there are the products within the store on the site. Aside from this Peter also runs one, haven’t been on it so you’d be best contacting him though.


  4. Thanks for this review Caan. I was just looking for some kind of comparison and came across this so it was very helpful. Have you ever been on Peter Webb’s course? Would be good to see what you thought if you have been on it! Thanks again. Will try Bet Angel out now on a trial.

    1. Hi Mick,

      See the comment above, best off contacting Peter Webb for details. I haven’t been on the course myself although have met Peter and he’s genuine enough.


  5. Hi can You please tell me if The software (bet angel)allows you to back a horse at one click coming to the final Flight of Hurdle or in the final furlong??

  6. Hi Caan, does BA allow the Dutching feature to cover all potential scores in a match?
    I see Peter says you can also scratch unlikely scores to £0 or minus just a few pence so effectively breaking even on outlier scores if they happen but securing profit on the more likely outcomes. Do I have that correct and if so wouldn’t that be a licence to print money, or have I got it wrong? Cheers.
    Have I got that correct.

    1. Hi CheshireRed,
      BA does possess a dutching facility, although with cross matching active in the market I don’t see a use for it. How you have described it would be a licence to print money for sure – reality is, we all know it’s never going to be that easy.

  7. Hi Caan can you tell me of a good bot that’s not for trading just for putting on named selections at a specific price one or two minutes before the off.
    Thanks Ant.

  8. Misleading product sold by a liar that deletes your comments on his forum and YouTube if questioning him. Leaving this here because everywhere else is removed hope you don’t Caan if you do I’ll know he’s paying you well.

  9. Hi Mike,

    I don’t receive any money from Bet Angel, this is an independent review. It’s not a bad piece of kit although I am aware of the comments that are deleted on YouTube and changed on the forums.

    Others have contacted me about it before as they seem to delete any positive comments about me but push negative ones, they even renamed their forum to that of my Amazon book title in an attempt to get more google search traffic. Sad really as Peter was always quite nice, until he realised I wasn’t going to sell his software for him (I don’t use it).

    1. Peter Webb always does this all the time he did it to Steve Howe and Tony Hargreaves too he is a sociopathic liar that snidely discredits anyone that doesn’t promote him or bet angel.

  10. Be wary, very wary of Bet Angel. There are definitely issues with the software particularly in relation to the “green up” functionality. Other products have less bugs. I would steer clear.

    I second Mikes comments on 17 June 2021

  11. Previously used Bet Angel, Ive dumped it in preference for another piece of kit. What you see is not what you get with it, what you see online is all marketing nonsense, and dont count on getting any resolution through their support desk if something goes wrong, they will just cover their axx.

  12. I have used bet angel in the past but thought it was too expensive when you consider other options. The community can be quite one-sided too.

  13. Peter Webb hasn’t ever traded manually he has some bots scalping the market for tiny stakes on lots of horses at the same time that used to make him money but that doesnt work anymore its why he makes thousands of comment on his forum and social media to keep up the image. Peter Webb is a software salesman more than a trader you should add this to your review

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