Betfair Trading in January: Frustration, Boredom and Experience

Almost every year it happens, and this year is no different. Betfair trading in January can be extremely frustrating.

I noticed somebody posted about this on our community forum recently, so he is a quick update…

January: You’re Not Going Mad…

In the earlier stages of my trading journey, I would get really frustrated in January. I’d feel like I was going mad, but I wasn’t. January betting markets are a changed environment, when it comes to horse racing trading it’s more extreme than other sports too.

Cancellations in abandoned meetings are normal this time of year, just like Warwick today. Plus, exchange liquidity is lower than usual. Gambling just isn’t at the top and people’s agenda in the new year. Racing quality is pretty poor (see today’s card) and this year we’ve got got the added social pressure around gambling too.

It all makes for a frustrating trading environment. The extended gaps between race isn’t ideal with boredom creeping in between trading markets…

If that’s you, do everything you can to resist entering the market early. It’s one of the easiest trading mistakes to make, it’ll only end in financial pain.

The slightly better news is that in early March, the horse racing season kicks off properly. Cheltenham Festival is the trigger of public interest, with the Grand National on the flat season following quickly after.

In my experience, the best use of trading time right now is to focus on understanding how the markets operate. Reduced liquidity helps for understanding market movements and motivations, with less genuine money things can be somewhat clearer.

For those of us who have been here before, it’s a bit less appealing. Scratching around for £200 profit amongst a bleak Fairyhouse, Newcastle, and Catterick card isn’t all that appealing. A little time off or focusing elsewhere could be more interesting. So I’m off for a fry up extended gym session (a bit conflicting I know). Good lucky trading today…

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