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Betfair Trading Strategy: Keep it steady…

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Are the markets starting to fill up a bit just yet?

Possibly, as I keep saying liquidity will improve considerably soon. In the mean time it’s all about keeping your behaviour in the markets on the right path, keeping your overall strategy ‘steady’.

I don’t often pay a huge amount of attention to my hourly/daily results if I can help it as the only real thing is the longterm returns. This week however though I glanced at my P/L to see i was almost on for a clean sheet, it happens although its rarely I’ll go a whole day without dropping a race. Also its important to remember them results don’t mean I didn’t make mistakes – it’s just a case of each race I made fewer mistakes than good calls.

A few posts back I mentioned about when Betfair visited me and asked about my ‘exciting’ moments in the markets. This hopefully explains exactly what I mean, for a weaker time of year in the markets a low stress day like this is completely welcome to me every day! Ok so there are no ‘thrilling’ or exciting results per-race, in fact the biggest total on the afternoons racing there is pretty poor although I’d rather take that race after race as I have all day long. Admittedly with the bigger events I’ll try for significantly more but its a welcome sight, it just shows how making as little as a tenner a race can add up!

The total there is £336 which for, not having a boss to answer too, to travel to work or to graft hard physically or even work long hours I personally think is pretty cool.

Taking just one or two ticks a race on a moderate sized stake can give you £5 or £10 profit… Like I said before, it’s not exciting for me in the least with a day like this but I’d much prefer it that way!! I remember when I first started out a more advanced trader said to me on the GeeksToy Forum (Millionaire Fund) ”Get your kicks from spending the money, not earning it” Something I wholeheartedly agree with!

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3 thoughts on “Betfair Trading Strategy: Keep it steady…

  1. Hi. I’m new to trading and am currently working through your guide.
    Just wondering what sized stakes you would say for these kinds of trades? £25 – £50 ?

  2. God i feel like this post is written for the likes of me.Just started a bit of prerace trading.Using 2pounds was able to climb up to 3 pounds on PL and then i did a mistake.Checked the PL section got overly excited and BAM it went inplay and whole confidence gone in 5 seconds.So pissed of with myself right now.

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