Black Friday’s Limited Sale Has Started… (24 Hours)

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Our annual Black Friday discount on all products has just started, but each product has an individual limit so be quick…

For this Friday only (or until the threshold is met) you can grab over 50% discount on some products.


There are value trades to be had on all Betfair traders, regardless of trading level and focus. Full details for each product are included on their respective listings.

We’ve slashed our prices for the following products:

  • Trading Guides – 50% discount, reduced by £22.50
  • Racing Video Course Package – Over 50% discount, reduced by £100
  • Football Video Course – Over 50% discount, reduced by £100

All future updates and improvements are included for Black Friday purchases.

If the Black Friday limit is not triggered, offers will stand until 23:59 on Friday the 24th of November 2023. Last year all discounts sold out before 8 pm and we only do this once a year so now’s your chance. Grab an advantage and take the shortcut to consistency!


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