BLACK FRIDAY: More than 40% OFF Video Pack & Trading Guide…

Black Friday Caan Berry

Last year quite a few asked…

But I didn’t do it. This year, let’s give it a go!

It’s the first time the trading guide has ever been reduced in price (and possibly the last)…

#1 Trading Guide – 49% Discount

Starting from ……….now. And until Saturday the trading guide price has been slashed by almost 50%.

That’s right, you can get it here for just £19.99. 

There will be a limited amount of guides available for this offer and may be withdrawn early, depending on uptake.

Pre-Race Trading Guide Offer

This offer applies purchases on black Friday only. 

#2 Video Pack Black Friday 42% Discount 

Last months Advanced Video Pack upgrade was a roaring success. Feedback has been 100% positive with many users passing on their thanks.

You can see the review post here.

There was a small increase in price, although there is usually a video pack reduced price promotion for one week twice a year. This year there’s only been one… and so black Friday triggers the second.

Much like the trading guide promotion above, there is only ever a limited amount of subscriptions available. The last video pack promotion was withdrawn early because of this…

Grab it here while it lasts…

Save £70: Advanced Video Pack Offer £97

This offer only applies to purchases within the promotional period.

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