Video Course User Results: Feedback From Horse Racing Traders

Thank you to everyone who sent in their feedback after we posted some user results earlier this week.

There’s a lot of negativity around the gambling industry in general at the moment, and it’s been great to see so many green screens this week.

One of the Video Pack users caught our eye, so again we’re adding it with the full context below…

Video Pack Course Results:

I have been a horse racing video course user for years now. It’s been a great product for me and it’s been nice that the product has grown with me. I think I was one of the first to jump in and commit to buying. Additionally to the actual video course, I have found the user forum to be of great benefit to me, especially during lockdown. It’s nice to know other people have had the same struggles as me.

When it comes to trading, it really hit home when I saw the football course review last week. I basically had the same experience. I saw the market in a different light, it was like something clicked when I saw the scalping and swing trading modules. These are the two areas I was most interested in and they have proven to be a massive help to me. Other bits that help are things like mindset, I also like the market manipulation module as well as the genuine money. It’s great to see what I should be looking for in video format, even though I feel like I’ve taken everything in, I still watch these modules from time to time.

This was one of my best days this month:

This was my favourite Sunday afternoon this year! On a Sunday, liquidity can be lower than usual but I like to focus on routine results. Even though it wasn’t in Ireland I recently watched the Irish Racing section again because clearly liquidity is lower in Ireland, especially on the poor quality handicaps. I was able to transfer this over and everything went right. All my swing trading went perfectly. Some scalp’s didn’t work out but I closed them quickly. When you’re trading with a clear strategy, I have found it way easier to be calm. That comment stuck with me in the other blog. The calmness of trading the same way and missing risky races is one of the best things I learned because it changes everything.

I won’t go into the in’s and out’s of each trade, but I consistently follow the advice and I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks.

Do You Have a Review For Us?

This past week has been great. We’ve seen more positive stories in a week than the rest of the year, perhaps we should ask more often!

So on that note; if you have experience with the video course for Betfair trading, please do get in touch!

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