Bonkers Challenge!

Hey guys, the polls still running so i’ll do the follow up post to that at the end of the week.

Until then im gonna partisipate in the geeks charity challenge, he’s vowed to donate £1 of his own money for every £2 raised up to £2000…. so what harm could it do to partisipate?…

I started a thread on the geeks toy forum as have others but ill update here daily for a more detailed explanation, as most are aware i work full time so it’ll be evenings and what i can salvage at the end of the day when i get in from work.

The details…

*Monday to Friday Challenge
*Starting with £50
*In running trading only
*50% of all profits go to the chosen charity (if their are any)

I’ve been trading inplay more and more lately so will be interesting to see if i can make alot off the initial £50, trouble is when i trade PR and IR its hard to seperate the results aswell as Pre race if im trading i cant watch the runners prior to the start and look at other things as i have less time to familiarise myself with their colours aswell as im scared if i go click happy IR i could outlay too much and get stung, for the duration of the challenge i’ve removed the rest of my bank to stop this happening….

The only other rules are…… their are no rules!!!!


Day 1 –

Started off ok although was trying to get off to a flyer too hard, was alot of fog at wolves and i pushed a bit too hard on the run in, a nice profit turned into a bit of a sod.

Will reload and start again tomorrow if i get in to catch any, these things happen, at least it was only £50, im sure ill have it back and some more by the end of the week!

Wish me luck!

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