Hola readers!! So it’s been barely any time at all since I mentioned my meeting with Carlos, who kindly posted comments on the previous posts!

When Carlos came to visit me, he was currently at a stage with his trading where he was having results of plus and minus a few pounds per race, although generally keeping his head above water and finishing the day breaking even. I could relate to this straight away, as although it’s not the case at all now, it doesn’t seem all that long ago. It’s probably the most frustrating stage of learning this game of ours, as you can feel and see you are on the right path and it’s just in front of you! But you can’t touch it, as it were.

Since meeting only a couple of weeks back, Carlos has been back in touch with me. As far as I’m concerned, this change has been pretty radical so soon! To take such a jump from breaking even to profiting day on day is a big milestone. I’m quite impressed with the change so soon! And as I have said to Carlos, this is just the beginning! With consistent application of what he knows and developing how he feels mentally as he begins to climb the stakes ladder, things can only get better. Although it will get a little more difficult as our positions increase in size, it can decrease the effectiveness of an edge.

So here it is, ladies and gents…

Pretty impressive, I thought, and I hope it continues for you, Carlos! Inspirational! Brilliant consistency.

One thought on “Carlos!!

  1. Hi Caan!!

    I am Carlos! It´s funny to see my results in your blog! I can say to everybody that as Caan explained before, I was in my break even… My results was like: one day +12, the day after -11, +14, -15, etc…

    After my training with Caan and putting into practice everything learned with him (along with my effort!!!) this week has been brilliant for me!! I ended the week +£125! The money earned is little because my bank is small yet but for me the most important is the consistency on my results! I haven´t had any single losing day (that´s new for me!!)

    I hope that in coming weeks going increasing my stake size and get bigger profits and in some months to get the same results than Caan!! Hahaha

    Caan, thanks again for all your advices!!


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