So the days are starting to get shorter, and the evening racing has ended. It’s all looking a bit glum if you have to balance your trading with a normal job too! Just recently, it’s played on my mind a little as it’s going to become a strain for me more and more, particularly as the racing starts to finish even earlier.

Although I’ve done really quite well this year, I don’t intend to be in this position next year where I don’t want to quit my standard job. It’s not all that bad, and the hours are good, providing some degree of security for me should disaster strike with the trading. But at the same time, with the results I’m returning trading, it just doesn’t make sense to be working for far less than my Betfair trading can provide me with… a bit of a crossroads really. I think over the coming months, I’ll be squirreling away all that I can so I have a nicely sized reserve for 2013 that will allow me to go for it with both hands without having to worry about money to fall back on.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve had a small amount of time to trade as the day cards end, depending on when I get in from work. Today, I got in a bit earlier than usual, although I had to do a couple of other bits in between a few races. What has struck me over the last 2 days though is how much of a difference it really makes to results when I make a conscious effort to sit down and really focus, concentrating on the task at hand rather than being a little blasé, flitting from one race to another not giving it 100% of my attention! Maybe this is because I know I only have an hour or so to trade?? Either way, it’s something I think I’ll keep an eye on more than before now as it’s probably more important than I’m giving it credit for. The markets felt pretty average from what I saw today, which left me thinking also throughout the winter I could possibly manage without too much hassle… Looks like I could be making some difficult decisions early next year!!

Anyway, here are the results from yesterday. Concentrating that bit more seems to help.

5 thoughts on “Concentrate…

  1. Didn’t you try and trade without a job last time? I seem to remember you did, and it wasn’t a success. Are you sure it’s something you want to re-visit?

  2. 500 – 5000 – Sure, last year when i split up with the mrs and left my job i managed off the betfair income although it was only about what i needed, i think its something to revisit for sure seeing my results are on another level now… particularly when i have that comfortable buffer built up! … you gotta try these things right? or you’ll never know the answer!

    Sledge, thanks… all pre race, and sure.

    Dave, haha im no shark mate 😉

  3. “you gotta try these things right? or you’ll never know the answer!”

    That’s that attitude, you have the tools now use them, better to ask forgiveness than permission.

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