Powers Within – Use The Force, Padawan!


[September 2013]

So after my last post about one-on-one coaching, I was rather overwhelmed with the response! It’s good to know that so many people like to read the blog, and some have already gained from it!!

Hearing these things really gives me more motivation to keep posting.

So from the emails straight away, I could see someone was really keen to learn and give it a go. This sort of enthusiasm is really important to success in the markets, I feel, and so once I saw they were breaking even and using stakes at a level I’d call ‘serious’ with plus or minus a few pounds a race, I knew it was likely to be my first ‘Padawan’ haha!

We started a few hours before the racing, going through set-up, market forces, and what makes things tick generally, which was good as I think it was a real eye-opener and probably not what was expected by my student (but if it was expected, I suppose it would be easy, right?).

Come the start of the afternoon card, it was time to put some theory into practice!

I must admit, being the first time I’d done this, I was a little anxious as we all know there is not always a certainty in the markets! But it all went pretty well really, and I spent the majority of the time talking and pointing out certain things in the markets amongst placing some trades.

I think after the initial ‘you make it look easy’ and getting to grips with why I was doing certain things, it started to set in with the methodical approach applied to every race.

All in all, I’d say it was a success, and come the end of the afternoon, we were both content. Still, amongst all the talking and explanations, not even trading in a couple of races, we still finished just under £150 up! It can’t be bad!

I’ll be staying in touch, so hopefully in the future my first student, if he feels happy to, can put a post up on here to see how his trading and results have changed!

This week’s racing

This week I haven’t really had any spare time to trade, truth be told. With my normal job and the usual hustle and bustle, maybe just an hour here and there. Hopefully, it will be back to business as usual soon. I’ve booked a couple of days off for the Doncaster meeting this week, Saturday looking a little better than the average week.

Overall, I’ve felt the markets are a little up and down at the moment, probably due to the changing of seasons, I suppose… but still, it won’t be long before the jumps really get going!! WooHoo!

Keep it green and stay lucky!

6 thoughts on “Powers Within – Use The Force, Padawan!

  1. My name is Carlos and I am the first student that Caan talks on his blog! I would like to say him again thanks for the great day we spent yesterday! Caan is a very kind and clever person who has a total understanding of how the market works and how you can get the best of them! I strongly recomend his 1to1 mentoring to everyone who has the enthusiasm and desire to improve his trading!

    Of course, in some weeks I will send you my P&L statements so people can check my evolution that I am completely sure will be very positive!


  2. Thanks for the kind words Carlos!! I didn’t mention your name as I wasn’t sure you would want me too, I enjoyed showing you my world and have no dobt in the weeks to come it will have a knock on effect with your results!! Your enthusiasm is great. Im glad I have been a source of motivation for you and hope it continues!


  3. Hi Caan, was it a “virtual” session or did you actually meet up ? I would love to avail of the service but live in Ireland so it’s doubtful I could meet you. You could pm me on geeks form if you were interested it’s easy to find me there, just post a reply here if you need contact details.

  4. Hi guys,

    No it wasn’t virtual AG – all in person, online is possible i suppose although far more difficult i much prefer in person as its easier to explain and point out things as the markets ofetn move fast!

    If either of you want to get in touch my email is top right of the page! keep it green!

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