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Since Goodwood really and over this week of York too i have recieved a large number of emails from people asking for help and advice, as i have said to most of them throughout this blog there have been some very useful bits of information and opinions if they care to read through and unravel them… unfortunately a fair amount of them don’t seem to want to put the effort in and just want the answer given to them on a plate! ….the other unfortunate thing is for these very reasons they don’t even have a basic understanding of whats going on.

I really do like to help as reading through like i said already will but also have to say it has cost me thousands of hours over the last two years and alot of stress finding out the things i know to be true about the markets aswell as developing the best way i can apply myself to the situation mentally.
For that reason mixed with the fact the evening racing is now going to decrease somewhat i have decided to offer some 1 on 1 coaching.

As you can imagine like all things in this game im not willing to let it go too cheap but you have to weigh up what your getting in return, afterall what price do you put on learning something that could bring you money in every day for the remainder of time betting exchanges exist?

So how would it work and what do i feel i can offer?
  • Preferably i would travel to the individual that requires the help, spend the afternoon trading with them on their setup.. make any adjustments etc to how they have it explaining why and if it could be improved in the future.
  • Explain the market dynamic as i understand it in all situations, showing them why certain things happen and how to make the most of them, when to and when not to get involved.
  • Go through staking options, and how that can effect certain situations, again when and when it is possible.
  • Watch them trade, asses recent results and generally find out when and how trading fits in with their lifestyle to taylor the best outcome for them.

After this has been completed follow up with additional help online over Skype/Phone as you progress to maintain extra growth and confidence weekly for 4 weeks initially, if extra is required then it could be arranged.

Before my current job i spent nearly 5 years as an instructor and have always had the natural nack for explaining things, probably due to having an over analytical mind.
It would be a great achievement for me also to bring somebody who say is just about struggling to make a profit to a level where they can make up to £100 most days/evenings they trade, as i see it now that really wouldn’t be that difficult particularly for those that are breaking even, and once the upward curve starts and confidence kicks in profits really can motor.

At this stage im not sure how many i would want to do this for as it is likely to decrease my edge in the market over time as i would not be holding anything back, and i really mean that. Probably only for a few people if im honest as a side project.

What i am offering here is very unique, how long it lasts i don’t know for the reasons just mentioned.

If your interested and would like to share your current trading situation with me via email then i am more than happy to get back to you to find out more and make arrangements.

If i think i can help you that is….I wouldn’t attempt to take on anyone on i don’t think i could.

Today, Saturday –

I wasn’t so keen on today as saturdays are rarely the best day of the week for me other than the really big meetings but although the dip in liquidity of late it felt rather ‘fair’ today i’d say… some of it may have been me being less aggressive than usual although pondeling along taking the opportunities as they were presented it worked out well for two hours… thinking about it for the small amount of races it wasn’t all that bad at all!, consistency won the day as always with a couple of half decent races in there.

And now to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Update –
Thought i’d do a couple more while i had some food on, And then the bomber turned up!! for a few races anyway, happy days and many thanks to the big man!!


6 thoughts on “Coaching….

  1. Me again, and I thought you might be the bomber.

    Was trading “virtually” using the to with a €200 bank yesterday. The bomber really helped, 4/5 races turned €200 to €260 using €2 book profit per tick.

    In your experience does “virtual” success translate into real profits when real cash is down ? The main difference yesterday was I used a stop loss and didn’t just stare at the ladder when the prices went against me. I presume your “stop loss” is innate and not computer generated.

  2. Hey, i havent really used the virtual tool to be honest mate although with the bomber i would of thought it would be pretty much the same due to the lumps! … my stoploss is where i decide, depending on what i think is happening.

    Good luck!

  3. Any idea of the likely costs and if you’d be prepared to do it via skype/remote desktop etc as I’m probably miles from where you live?


  4. Hi Caan. Looks like you’ve got it by the short and curlies! Very nice effort indeed. I’ve just introduced some pre-race trading into my armoury and managed to win £9.00 on Tuesday and £11.42 yesterday … so watch out here I come!! Keep cracking on … Dave.

    PS What sort of stakes are you using to generate that amount of profit? I’m currently on £115 a click for the I/R but I’d imagine that I’d have to up this a fair bit to make it worthwhile in the pre-race market??

    PPS Don’t forget to leave some for Jack!

  5. Hey Dave. Ye seems like its going well although on the poor quality racing now especially the AW in the evening it can be a bit hit and miss, get it right and its good get it wrong and it hurts :s maybe its time of year to tone it down a little in regards there.

    Nice.. if your doing IR i dont see why a bit of PR cant top you up 😉 Might even come from the dark side haha!
    It all depends really stakes wise mate, some races ill put thousands through and make eff all, but on others its almost the opposite.. to turn the results shown is pretty much between £100 and £500 generally going up to £1000 when the times right…. to get over £30 in a race i find i need to get quite alot through and out the other side though.

    lol jack’ll be fine im sure, he’s pretty much eaten all the cake anyway haha

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