York, Final Day…. trader heavy

After a very heavy weekend i only just realised i hadn’t yet updated for the final day at York on saturday! .. sorry if you’d been checking for the update… litterally from the moment i stopped trading saturday i’ve been out on the pop non stop and have only just got over it… it could be worse i suppose!

Anyway… Saturday –

I’m not particularly favoured to saturdays due to my trading style at times to say the least but with the hype of York it seemed to be far far worse, it almost reminded me of my first Cheltenham in a way.
On a Saturday betting turnover is always more due to the amount of non hardened punters that like to have a bet while the racing is on Channel 4, this is great news… although not always!…

The reason i say this is because particularly at big meetings it would seem, traders in general much like myself are aware that the ‘fill rate’ is likely to be better, and so they up their staking plan… im talking about the big boys here mainly. Which is fine as their filling their boots doing so although when the ratio of unmatched money to fill rate is out of touch with too much unmatched money stacked about it can be very awkward, particularly if your trying to get any kind of stake through the market… and if you dont try and get a big stake through your going to be waiting a while making it more tricky to get lots of small ones through!! All this is fine, but if your bank is not big enough to have a couple of decent stakes on the layside it can become very infuriating at times to say the least!

On saturday i felt pretty infurated at this sort of thing having a bit less than i usually would to play with which i think in turn effected the way i was feeling!.. To be fair alot of it was probably my attitude although for these kind of meetings i think i need a bit more in the pot to play with, when you can only lay for a couple hundred at 10’s and someone else puts a couple of thousand over the prices it just takes forever to get the bottom of the pile before another order can be put in… providing you didnt have to scratch, this was the reason for the £80+ loss early on in the day.

Still it could of been worse, it could of been a loosing day! … hopefully the break and blowout for a few days will of helped my mindset and i can now get back to business as usual for the last week of evening races!!


Last week in total….


10 thoughts on “York, Final Day…. trader heavy

  1. Hi Caan!

    Great results! I would like to ask you something about your trading style… Normally… What´s your preferences? Swing trades or scalping? I know it will depend of the market but generally…? I comment you because I have the typical problem that for example I win 5 races and after I have a bad race and I lose all my profit in just one race!! I don´t know if I should try more swing trades!

    Would be great if you can answer me! Congratulations for your blog!! 🙂

  2. Hi Anon,

    Sure i think just about everyone can empathise with this!… Generally ill take 1 – 3 ticks where i can and by now i kinda know if i’ve got in a good point and am willing to leave it longer!.. not much help i suppose but what i would suggest is look back through your results at which of these races where you have the hefty loss… and do your best to work out why that is, it may be because the circumstances are very different or it may even be because your getting a little sure of yourself after 5 winners!

    Often my best days are where i don’t even look at my P/L don’t know how much im up or how many races i’ve lost in! the days where i havent lost at all on anything have always been one of these days!



  3. Thank you very much for your prompt answer! Let me ask you last two questions please! When you open a trade and it goes against you… Normally, what´s your maximum tick loss? I try scratch or take 1-2 tick loss maximum. I know this point is very important because if you don´t get out quickly from the market you can burn all your profits!! And the last one: Do you teach people to trade? Personal mentoring or something similar?

    Thank you very much and I´m sorry to bother you with so many questions!!! 😀

  4. No problem, think that’s got to be the quickest response to a comment ever 🙂

    I wouldnt ever base getting out red or green regardless on how many ticks it was… i’d only base it on what i thought was going to happen in the market, counting ticks wont help as you need more green than red and will limit your green and maximize your loss by counting ticks i’d say.. purely because of the mentality of it!

    Do i teach? i havent although have had similar questions and thought on it, have had teaching jobs before which i enjoyed so may possibly at some point 🙂

    No problem, its nice to have comments at times.. reasures me im not talking to myself!

  5. Thank you very much for your answers! It helped me too much! If you decide to make a personal mentoring class, here you have your first student! 🙂

    I want you know I am a big fan of your blog! I enter everyday to check if there is something new! The best blog of pre-race horses!! 🙂

    Kind Regards,

  6. Hi Caan! Great blog! I´d like to ask you if you trade the favorite horse. I ask you because for me the favorite goes too quickly and can be dangerous if you don´t get out quickly from the market but also is the horse which you find the best movements. Do you trade this or you try to avoid it?
    Thanks a lot!!

  7. Hi anon, and thanks Carlos/WS. I do trade the favourite although not all the time, so not really a prefference really… wherever i see opportunity i guess.

  8. Hi Chuck, intrigued by your comment about laying a couple of hundred at 10. Am I right then in assuming you are scalping ‘cos based on your individual profits / losses from the screnshots the amounts earned seem small compared to the 1000+ liability you are using. Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not criticising, merely trying to establish what kinds of profits by race lead to a weekly profit like yours. Great work and good BLOG .

  9. Hi AG, it varies massively race to race what i do but at the bigger meetings where prices are static yes i am happy to take that kind of liablility at that range as the price is less likely to change drastically… theirs a race breakdown of P/L above 🙂 good luck!

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