York, Day three…. trappy

Day three of york and im at risk of starting to sound a little misserable but i really didnt enjoy todays trading, felt like a chore… im not sure if im just having a little mental slump this week but i don’t feel like im getting anywhere with my results, today was the worst by far.

I slipped into the trap of getting paranoid by the manipulation too a few times and it made a couple of hefty dents in my P/L and mindset.. really did feel like their was less cash about today and was just traders battling against eachother, very very trappy to say the least i thought! Still its that time of year and will probably change a bit when the jumps races kick in properly.

Suppose last real hope is tomorrow! … if all else fails and im bored on sunday i know i can perform then.

2 thoughts on “York, Day three…. trappy

  1. don’t get upset. iam very consistant traider and friday was my worst day of all time. there realy was something strange in markets.

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