York, Day two…. smoother

Day two of the York meeting for me then and on the whole i thought today it was alot smoother from a trading point of view with less lumps and bumps on the way, i probably didnt push myself out the comfort zone at all today to be fair and possibly should of particularly in the day when the fill rate was better, in fact im going to write that down for tommorrow.
I feel a little limited by my bank at the moment as i cant have it quite where i wanted due to spending alot of late but i cant complain as it was a nice smooth day on the whole, the evenings now though i think ar a bit of a waste of time in general as there is so little money about.
I guess its just a case of the different seasons starting to set in, still when your not loosing your winning for sure.

I have noticed a fair bit of manipulation over the last couple of days with 10k all the way up to 50k orders particularly on the favourite, it’s so blaitent its untrue so hasn’t had any effect on me really today… i dont think its been the same for some so just watch out if your trading!

Tomorrow should be a bit better still with the buildup to weekend!

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