Trading Tips: Christmas Schedule (Planned Out)

To get to the point; it’s one of the busiest times of the year, particularly if you’ve got a young family.

With so much going on, the racing calendar is probably the last thing on your mind. In previous years, this has been a source of frustration and disappointment for me. Assuming there will be racing each day is a mistake. Also, understanding the festive schedule gives you the advantage of knowing where to focus, and more importantly, what to drop in favour of time with the family…

That’s the purpose of this post; to get you thinking about where your time’s best spent over the festive period.

I’ll keep it brief and share a few key dates too, to save you time doing the research.

Trading Festivities…

Looking directly at the Christmas racing schedule:

  1. Between now and Boxing day the public’s racing interest is reduced.
  2. The last day of racing before Xmas is Saturday the 21st (likely weak Saturday).
  3. From the 29th to 31st December there is only 3 racecards per day.

Overall, it’ll still be tradeable. I’m not insinuating the markets won’t be, however, the general public’s focus will be on Christmas and a couple of key days. Primarily, Boxing Day.

With less cards per day, it tends to mean the races at an individual level trade okay as overlaps are likely and attention is focused on each race one at a time. The downside is you’ll probably see 15 minutes between each, where you’ll need to sit on your hands and avoid getting in too early.

Here’s how each race day looks between now and new year:

  • 20th – Fair
  • 21st – Fair
  • 22nd – No Racing
  • 23rd – No Racing
  • 24th – No Racing
  • 25th – No Racing
  • 26th – Strong – Busy
  • 27th – Fair/Good
  • 28th – Fair/Good
  • 29th – Weak
  • 30th – Weak
  • 31st – Weak
  • 1st – Fair – Very Busy*

*new years day is usually frantic, jam-packed and over-subscribed with races. To that end, focus on picking your battles well. There will be overlaps and delays that inevitably affect liquidity. Trading them all one after another at 5-minute intervals isn’t that wise unless you just intend to scalp at tick or two from each.

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From Me & the Team:

Just to say a big thank you to all who have read and left comments on the blog throughout the year. It’s appreciated.

For community subscribers, the new year will hold several important updates. We’ve improved on the course products over the last year, added the community, and learned a lot. Next year will be even better!

Lastly, whatever your aspirations are, remember to spend plenty of time with your family and get pissed over the next two weeks! Life’s too short, and quality time with those you love is important. Trading will still be there in the new year…

Merry Christmas and cheers!

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  1. Hello Caan Berry, I would like to buy your content, because I do not speak English and I would like to know if the video lessons are in youtube videos where I can translate to my language. Sincerely yours, Luciano Ramos.

    1. Hi Luciano, no the content is held privately. However, there is transcription for most products. It depends. Which course were you considering?

        1. The majority of videos have transcription yes. I think there are a few that don’t, but they are the newest additions. Over time they will have.

          1. The Pre Race Guide is written. See the product listing 🙂 There are some short supporting videos but they are transcripted.

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