What Content? (Screen Recording)


We’re on a mission to help you, the users. So if I may ask; a little feedback, please?

Over the last year, the team and I have focused on updating site functionality, support and quality of content. But we’re not done yet, we want to improve even more.

To do that, we need to hear your voice…

Recently a YouTube comment jumped out to me (start of the video clip below). Feedback like this is important, please share yours in the comments.

Screen recording content is usually reserved for those inside the video pack course community. Admittedly this one below doesn’t give too much away (as it’s on YouTube) but would readers prefer more of this?

To suggest a few different ‘category’ types:

Feel free to add your own if it’s not listed above!

Please let us know: What type of content is most interesting to you?

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6 thoughts on “What Content? (Screen Recording)

  1. For me I would say definitely the screen recordings of trades and specifically why you’re taking certain positions at certain points. I know personally I can get a bit attached to an idea, so examples of situation changes where you see possibly volume coming on another runner which causes you to change plan. Also, seeing through the noise of small movements which are not really the bigger picture, possibly just manipulation or a short term change. Merry Christmas Caan, appreciate all the content and looking forward to the updates next year!

  2. As a punter trying to transition to trading you have helped me a lot over time. I am almost there and I appreciate all the work you put into helping us.
    I always use Geeks toy because it is the best, and I have tried the others. My question is:- The green shading in the p&l column, and especially the dark green where it shows the recent money, is there no way to know whether it is lay, or bet money, it would help if the Geek could come up with a way, because it is a good tool.

  3. Definitely what Adam said – just seeing you trade and learning why you made certain moves is invaluable.

  4. Yeah, definitely more ladder trading would be great especially with a brief explanation why you thought it was going one or another.

    Also maybe a video that explains how to read different charts would be good.

  5. To be honest Caan, the content you already have is excellent. I’d suggest maybe some videos highlighting (what you percieve) as very common mistakes and how to rectify them, or a detailed video on something you struggled with and how you overcome it, I know you’ve got several videos on on the matter, but broken down would be great, I know sounds mad, but for example what’s something that constantly used to dog you and how did you break the bad habit, and was it sudden, was it gradual, did you still slip up from time to time etc?

  6. This is exactly the type of video and detailed explanations that makes worth signing in for the Video Pack!

    On “open” youtube I would like to see some more day to day trading, even without the the explanations, it is always inspiring and one can learn a lot! Also it would provide a “daily” opportunity to compare how you approached the race I traded earlier or yesterday.

    Also, maybe you could add some challenges for the followers, like consistency runs. Like, 10 markets no loss, 30, 50. Or biggest loss no greater than 1/2 average win and 80%+ strike rate for the whole day, week, month. Of course that is not the aim, or the sole purpose, for a pro trader but it is a training and motivational opportunity for young lads. “Gamefying” the real deal, no matter what the stakes, will help untrained traders to understand what it is all about in terms of discipline and consistency. No need for prizes, I guess honorable mentions and some badges on the next video would suffice along with a standings table to keep track and keep the motivation going.

    Just some thoughts. I am sure you’ll come up with better ideas.

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