Connection problems and a new office…

So this week I’ve finally got around to moving once more, here’s the new office! Admittedly it still looks a bit bleak and un-homely but getting set up was a priority first. It’s a relief to have moved after last weeks shenanigans, once again I was experiencing dropouts on my main line supplied by BT which eventually forced me to have a few extra days off… not that I’m complaining!

Since then I’ve upgraded to their business service so hopefully that should ensure any future problems are fixed by the next day. Having a stable connection when working is pretty important as is having a backup, without them you could find yourself on the phone to one of Betfairs phone desk operators. This can be one of the most stressful experiences known to man when your trying to close out a position in a hurry. Despite the exchange having been around over a decade it appears half their employees don’t really know how it works let alone have the same functions at their disposal like the website customers such as ‘Cash Out’.

One of the biggest frustrations of the week was when I logged in specifically for a Back-to-Lay trade I had lined up (and posted on Twitter earlier in the day) only for the connection to stop in the minutes leading up to the race start. Here’s a snapshot of what happened when the connection came back for a few seconds towards the end of the race…

As you can see the Back-to-Lay would have been a roaring success had my connection been working! Anyway, from the responses on Twitter i’m sure a few of you managed to make some cash from it! SP was around the 12.0-14.0 mark when everything initially froze for me!

Now I’ve moved I’ll be looking towards producing the other clips I mentioned I’ve had planned for a while in previous posts.

3 thoughts on “Connection problems and a new office…

  1. Hey Caan,
    Started following you back a few weeks ago and got into the whole bet exchange. Interesting post as I’ve has a few drop outs this week or mini freezes with geektoy. I have a problem of trying to cash out and the exchange keeps going regardless and nearly sucks me dry be for I can cash out Any ideas?


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