Crazy days….

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates! …. been a bit of a crazy time of late for me although its coming good once again finally! … had a week or so off trading having had my boy which probably helped plus ive learnt a little more about the markets and what im looking at, in fact i feel alot more confident when trading and its starting to do the trick it would seem! confidence is key! …. also inplay im really starting to feel my feet now so im thinking of upping the stakes a little, i rarely loose inplay even allthough its only small staking at the moment.


Well for a tuesday it was really quite eventful in more ways than one, first off i got a whoping bill from my mobile phone company which after a few phone calls and some hardcore blagging they managed to take my bill down from £286 to £140 – good job i tried my luck calling them instead of paying it really although that little victory seemed short lived when i got fined for not wearing my seat belt on the way home…. £60 – pretty sure it used to be £30, jobsworth copper was well chuffed with himself, really couldn’t do that job….. after all how have i made anyone else less safe or caused any problems by not wearing my seatbelt? Anyhow rules are rules i suppose….

And then from the first race of the day trading on what looked a rather bleak tuesday with all the races on ATR everything changed…. it all kicked into life when the mystery ‘bomber’ previously mentioned a couple of posts ago turned up with his  £25k bets, for much of the afternoon i could of done with reigning myself in a little getting overexcited having found myself looking at some big reds only to pull it back to an acceptable level, very much a 1 step forward and another back kind of afternoon although that said i come out on top 🙂

Was very fun and educational if nothing else to say the least!!

8 thoughts on “Crazy days….

  1. Just a comment on the no seat belt fine….

    If you crash and end up splattered all over the road, there is a cost to that has to be picked up by tax payers so it does affect others.

    Things going well with the trading though, be lucky and don’t forget “clunk click”

  2. @ Lay Away – appreciate your comment although i’d like to see the stats backing up the fact seatbelts make accidents ‘less messy’ and if its all to do with effecting the tax payers costs…. im wondering why theirs no fine on reproducing whilst not being able to support the offspring/alchaholism/obesity/smoking/and all the other bollox the state seems to think its ok to support with my contributions…. gastric bands/boob jobs/sex changes etc.

  3. What a retard! Take yourself down A+E after someone has been thrown through their windscreen as a result of not wearing a seatbelt! You might soon change your views! One of lifes better laws that saves lives.

  4. mmmm fair enough, i probably should of not commented although dont feel it is ‘fair’ in light of all the other crap for which i have paid alot into the system previously, the system sucks, its just another revenue raising scheme….

  5. I think you are right you shouldn’t have been fined. Idiots who don’t wear seatbelts should just be left to find out the hard way why the law is there.

    Do you really not see why the law is there? You should be counting your blessings that £60 is the punishment for your stupidity and not something much, much worse.

  6. You have to have a well balanced mentality to be a trader… and to understand why this brilliant law is in place.

  7. I think all the comments so far have missed my point, its not that i dont understand why the law is in place etc etc ….. what i do have an issue with is how every time in my life when i have needed the police they have been utterly useless yet every time i may have made a mistake or got in a spot of bother their all over me usually with fines galore, surely theirs more important issues that need dealing with than if im wearing a seatbelt of not, and more to the point how the system is crap…. theirs no justice in it, all the crap available for the scroungers and tossers, yet the average tax paying citizen that does almost everything correctly foots the bill.
    I feel particularly disgruntled as an ex soldier that has paid £1000’s in tax and national insurance whilst OUT the country so some spotty teenager that wants bigger tits to make her ‘feel better’ can get it done or some twat that CHOSE to smoke all their life or alcholic that CHOSE to drink or fat bastard that CHOSE to stuff their face till they were 20 stone gets free nicorette patches, gastric bands and councelling….. So my point is… i understand the law although i think its a piss take that they doubled the fine and theirs far easier ways to free up revenue in the system than targeting someone for not wearing a poxy belt.

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