NEW Feature Added: Daily Updates (10AM)

Front Running Shortlist

Ever focused on exploiting biases as a race goes off? We’ve just added a useful feature for you…

It’s no secret there’s opportunity to steal a few quid from the markets if you can find selections that consistently lead their race. The problem is in narrowing down and refining those selections (and the time it takes). But we’ve got a solution!

Occasionally I post up the days most likely leaders on social, to which there’s often a great response. Now, we’ve taken it one step further, integrating a daily front runners shortlist page to the site. Details below!

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Daily Shortlist Feature (Every Morning 10 am)

Shown in the image below, this new page will update every morning around 10am. It’s aim is simple; to quickly and efficiently highlight which horses consistently set a races pace, based on historic performance.

Doing this will save anyone that’s looking to play that angle masses of time. Particularly on the days where there is a lot of racing.

How the page works:

If you see the image below, race courses are separated by a dark line. If a venue has more than one potential front runner, they’re listed horizontally. For example; Doncaster had 3 in the example (taken 27th Oct). Easy.

If there are no selections that qualify on that day, there will be a generic note.

Daily front runner shortlist

You can skip to the shortlist page here, or follow the link on the blogs sidebar.

Note: as the page states, this is not a ‘tip’ page. It’s there to assist you in finding those with the desired behaviour. Further research and checking the horses behaviour at the start of a race is still important.

How to Use the Shortlist:

Remember people; this is list of potential front-runners to exploit when the opportunity arises. It’s not something to take a punt on! The best trading involves limited risk, not a hopeful gamble.

On several occasions already there have been days where there are no selections. That may be unpopular to some, but it’s best that way. Quality over quantity every time. If you’re looking for something to ‘have a go on’ you might as well give up trading odds altogether. Having some discipline and missing out the naff selections makes a massive difference to the overall bottom line.

I’d advise you check in on the shortlist each day, see what’s available and then jump straight to those races for further analysis. Try to find the opportunities where it’s a no-brainer and then stick with them. Check the horses intentions at the start, and make the most of it when the right opportunity presents (stakes wise).

Once more: that shortlist link!

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4 thoughts on “NEW Feature Added: Daily Updates (10AM)

  1. I trade starters every day and it is the best way to win for me.

    Do you think it is more profitable when you pick larger odds like 30+?

  2. Nice little profit on the 2 on todays list. Also had a nice day yesterday with your “Leaders”.
    Keep it up, many thanks.

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