Day 3… Dodgey dog’s race…..

Here’s a screenshot of the very first dog’s race I did today…..

Because of this I did something I normally wouldn’t do at all, it paid off but afterwards, I was sat thinking maybe I should have got more involved, but then again im not keen on big risk’s.
So what happened? I started trading as usual about 2 minutes or so out and £1000 appeared on the lay side, I didn’t believe it at first until it was dragged up….. if you look at the market overview the first big spike upwards.

I watched a bit longer intently and took a position, again some more lay money came in, and again in smaller increments… so I entered and exited a couple of times.

As it got close to post it became very obvious with some £500 lays flying in that someone was really laying this dog (bent dogs race?), you can see the amounts matched in the traded volume column. This kind of behaviour was very aggressive, more than I have seen before probably so I had the decision to make, is this shrewd money? do i take the risk? or is it the ‘bomber’ hitting the dogs up?

I decided to take a little risk and lay it for £20 giving me a £56 loss if it won and £21 if it didn’t. It’s just a shame the price wasn’t smaller as I would have been happier to take more risk seeing the rewards would have been bigger, anyway I didn’t see the race but it obviously lost when I was paid out!
My view on the dogs is that sometimes when there is a lot of money bet, it’s often quite genuine, sometimes ill leave it unhedged but this time I took a small punt for a risk I could afford, was just shocked about the amount laid on it really though so I took the above screen grab!

Anyway, that was a pleasant start to the day, I started later than usual so only got about 3 dogs races in before the racing and followed up with a few more afterwards as I see they were on tv, one of which I left unhedged and it paid off… don’t think I could do too many of them each day as its a lot of effort for the return.

Here’s how it turned out…..

Image lost on migration.

Running total at the end of day 3 leaves us at £1,285.87

5 thoughts on “Day 3… Dodgey dog’s race…..

  1. Hi Caan. I have noticed previously that there is someone who takes a strong view at certain greyhound tracks. It’s mostly LAY money and normally the favourite and I tend to think that it is maybe someone who is turning over cash to lessen the blow of the PC? They do sometimes come in to lay maybe 3 of the dogs at £1k+ per dog. As you say it’s much like the bomber because he/she easily moves the market as the liquidity is much lower than your average horse race.

    PS £1285.87 not too shabby for 3 days sitting on your bum in front of the PC pushing a few buttone eh?

    Cheers – Dave.

  2. Hmmm possibly as its impossible to ever know, but this person really was taking some risk as they were giving value to anyone who wanted to back the favourite for sure! Completely different to the horses that’s for sure.

    Thanks, yeah its not bad…. can always improve though!

  3. Really impressive stuff, as you said always room for improvement but these kind of days won’t do you any harm I am sure! And you are well on your way to that 10k

    I still want to be nosy and ask what kind of bank you are making these profits from. Just so I could set some vague to scale targets for myself.


  4. Sure, i started this month with 3k in there…. i always say 2k is enough to make decent money…. its just because the positions you can take on the lay side at times.
    When bigger meetings are on ill not cash out recently earnt money till after.

  5. Sounds good. I have been playing around with banks of around 100 pound but I have blown them on a few occasions with silly beginners mistakes I guess. I got to a stage where I could make around 3 pound a race. Which with the bank was okay really! I just couldn’t afford the races that lost me 30 pound etc! Also my current shift patterns don’t give me many opportunities. I have some time off at the end of the month so I can test my consistency but until then I will enjoy your blog. Cheers

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