Day 2…. I MUST Not Go To The Pub!

Not a bad day all in all!

The weather was absolutely glorious which was a bit frustrating as I struggled to fight off the beer garden demons again!!

It’s the only trouble with summer trading, there is a lot of opportunity on offer but then again it’s the nicest time of year and the last thing I want to be doing is being stuck in front of a computer screen!!

Also today my latest toy arrived…

Image lost on migration.

She handles well and is ideal for getting me to and from my favourite local beer gardens! ….probably part of the reason I couldn’t resist today!

So the trading on offer today felt pretty good and I enjoyed it on the whole, I probably should have done a bit more seeing it was so good but there is still plenty of time as yet.
The dogs trading before the racing starts seems to be improving somewhat although in terms of time spent im not sure it’s worth it… I averaged just over £2 a market in the end, had I spent that amount of time on the evening trading the evening card instead of before the afternoon card started results probably would have been significantly better, but hey… it could always be worse!

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How’s everyone get on with the racing today??

8 thoughts on “Day 2…. I MUST Not Go To The Pub!

  1. Very nice Caan (as expected mate). I you can keep getting that, including a beer break, then happy days! PS Lost a tenner today myself and didn’t get to drink any beer or buy a fancy bike. Cheers – Dave.

  2. Good look with your target this month Caan, if you keep this up you will make it no bother and still be able to get to the pub!

    Out of interest how long have you been trading for?

  3. Hi Caan,

    Great to see that you are doing very well in the markets.

    Can you tell a little more about how you trade the greyhounds markets? Do you trade the favorites or the outsiders? and what type of stake do you usually use on the dogs?



  4. Cheers dave! haha i’m sure it’ll pay off eventually.

    Hey Anon, its been about 3 years now… just over maybe that i’ve took it serious at all anyway, dosen’t seem long at all i was just learning on baby stakes.

    Nicolai… thanks, i generally trade the favourites in the greyhound markets staking 5 – 50 usually… dependant on the price though, i don’t really use much more than 20 on anything than shorter priced favourites.

  5. Well done Chuck, that 5 figure month can’t be far off, especially with the consistency you seem to have now and the amount of races we’ll have in the next few months.

    I still run a few bots every now and then on the dogs but gave up trading them years ago. Worthwhile races are far and few between I just didn’t have the patience to sit thru those £2 races waiting for a decent one. I just couldn’t justify wasting a couple of hours earning what I could make in a couple of races. Plus my MO on the dogs is different to the nags so switching strats kinda gets in the mindset and can lower any potential nag profit.

    But if it’s not getting in the way and there nothing else to do all those £45’s soon add up over a month.

  6. Hey MF!

    Thanks, had it not been for yourself and baz in the earlier days i probably would of knocked this on the head!

    I know what you mean about the dogs and couldnt agree more about worthwhile races, but like you say it soon adds up and dosen’t really seem to hurt seeing most days im just sat waiting for the racing to start.

    I messaged you a while ago on TT forum but i gathered you kinda up and left after that rediculous thread i couldn’t stop myself getting involved in soon after.. good to hear you still going ok! Don’t know if your on skype but if you are give us a nudge 🙂

  7. Glad to have helped, Chuck, apart from a few rough edges it always looked like you had the drive and potential to succeed. I liked the way you were honest about your cock ups, which we all make but not all admit, plus the fact you were playing with ‘real’ money rather than penny trades which showed you had the hunger and realise big cock ups costs big money so you learn to control those asap.

    I posted my password when I left hoping someone would take over the account as it had lifer privileges but think the mods edited it out. Think Temujin’s rant when he left struck a chord and realised the majority of people with anything of value to say had pretty much already gone or stopped posting. Most forums go thru phases and I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of time before it it finds it’s way again.

    If you’re doing this for your income you’re always gonna be a bit stubborn in your beliefs cos you rely on them, I just couldn’t justify wasting time arguing with people with as blinkered a view as me 🙂 Thought it best I leave it to them to educate people with their 20p a day trading videos whilst I try and make a living 😉

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