Day 1… Slow Starting

So, let the games begin!!

First day of the challenge;

It was a bit of a slow starter, had a dabble on the dog’s before the racing and ended up getting caught in play for £20, these things happen so a small loss on the dogs.
The racing was O.K. it felt to me as though the earlier part of the afternoon was a bit slow going with liquidity picking up later on a little.

When I say slow going, I mean in comparison to normal but that may have been me seeing I’ve had a few days off.

All in all it was an O.K. day.

I had agreed to meet a friend down the pub just before 8pm, so admittedly I tried far too hard and over-staked in the last race of the day blowing £80.

A bit of a shame but these things happen and hopefully I’ll remember not to push too hard at the end of days throughout the rest of the month for this very reason. There seems to be a very fine line between pushing harder to improve and getting carried away at times I’ve found.


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  1. sorry Caan, wasnt listening, i was watching the lovely ladies playing with your bananna

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