Can I Make £10,000 In One Month?

[Posted June 4, 2013]
So I’ve been back a few weeks from my most recent holiday and May turned out to be a pretty decent month.

After only 2 weeks of trading, things turned out pretty well, now it’s time to get serious though!!

June – August are the best months of the year for trading the nags as far as I am concerned.

With that in mind I’m looking for 2, possibly 3 of the best months I’ve had in this game so far. Targets can be counter-productive at times but I feel I need to really kick on and push myself. It’s the only way I’m going to achieve bigger and better things! it keeps it interesting too…

This month (June) I’ve had 3 days off so far. For the few days I’ve had my son, it’s been a great break away but now I’m raring to go!

I’ve decided to attempt a 5 figure month… it’s likely to be tricky as I haven’t quite achieved it yet, although I’ve not been that far off.

To keep myself motivated I’m going to update the blog as often as possible, if not daily as the month progresses.

I’ll be trading as much as possible, although I already have a couple of weddings and other small events pencilled in.

Them aside, I’m going to trade every market I feel I could have some kind of edge in, be it Horses (mainly) Dogs, Football, Tennis etc.

Hopefully updating will stop me from finishing too early each day. The temptation to end up in my local beer garden has been huge just recently… it seems to be the biggest problem at the moment, but with all the lovely weather it’s hard to remember what’s a priority!!

Good luck in the markets and I hope you enjoy it if you decide to follow!!! What d’ya think? Will I manage it? 

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5 thoughts on “Can I Make £10,000 In One Month?

  1. Hey Caan B.

    Would be nice to read about your challenge. Good luck, i think you can do it!

    Will you trade inplay or pre-race?

  2. Hey MLF13, I’ll trade pre race although may alow the odd inplay trade but its very rare.. on other sports i may trade inplay a little! hope i do!! Thanks

  3. Think you can do it pal, are you going to updte screenshots of your daily p&l? Be good to follow your progress regularly. Im looking to trade when I get a good initial bank behind me. I have been researching for months now and I gave it a go on a few small banks and despite losing a lot I started to make progress and cut out the silly mistakes. I am going to continue researching for a few months until I get some cash I can afford to deposit then I will see what I can achieve.

    Can I be cheeky and ask what sort of bank you began trading with? Just as a benchmark


  4. Good Luck Caan. I will follow your blog with interest. I find the markets very limited in what I make make (I can’t make more than £10 a race) so will be interesting to see how you crack on. Do you treat Saturday’s any different as I struggle on these days?

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