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Back In The Hot-Seat…… And On Fire!!

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(May 2013)

Hey everyone!!

I’m back at last, after a few delays on flights we arrived in the UK late on Sunday evening….

… after spending most of Monday sleeping I finally forced myself to work yesterday!

Maldives and betfair
Unfortunately I don’t have this to wake up to this week. View from the decking at our back door!

Maldives – Meedhupparu

The picture above there doesn’t do it justice but the water from the back door of our beach villa was literally 30 metres away! I’m missing it already…

Meedhupparu was the island we stayed on. I’d never been to the Maldives before but id guess it’s probably one of the better islands to be on for various reasons. From speaking to other guests, some of the other islands tend to be limited, with very little to do. A mixture of island size and reef’s within the water means many are limited by what you can do in the ocean.

This one though, had stacks of excursions to do; diving, water-sports, snorkelling, several bars (my personal favourite), a couple of restaurants and still loads of space to chill out! (it wasn’t particularly busy).

I caught the sun a fair bit (burnt to a cinder) as one the waiters said after pointing at his own skin ”same same but different” haha. By day 4 I was peeling despite having loads of sun cream on but really couldn’t fault it. I’d recommend it as an island to anyone that was thinking about going.

Being a typical bloke I didn’t take all that many pictures but you can see from the pic’s below, it was absolute paradise! 10 out of 10 for me, I’ll definitely be going again at some point.

Small beach bar by the water (spent quite a while in their!)

Back in the hot seat!

So after a day of feeling jet lagged and lack of sleep, I managed to tear myself out my pit to trade.

Motivation wasn’t too bad considering, although I thought I’ll just take it steady to warm back into things after 10 days off as I thought I might be a bit rusty. Turned out to be quite the opposite!

Yesterdays cards were not all that bad in terms of quality, today should be better (York). I think the biggest thing that helped me yesterday was; I really wasn’t all that bothered about making a lot of money and had little to no expectations for the day, for that reason I didn’t even really check my balance or progress until the end of the day card!

Was a little surprised as I knew I was going ok but not quite that well!! Anyway it supplied me with the motivation to carry on, so I did! … come 6pm I was feeling a little drained and by 7pm I was losing the will to live! haha, the only thing that spurred me on was the fact I might break my personal best for a single days trading, and as dangerous as thinking like that can be I just about managed it!!! first day back, who would have thought!!

(Click to enlarge)

I realise there is a lot of opportunity on offer with the better racing in the evenings picking up around now and the markets felt a bit more fluid too in general so I took a trip to Tesco after to stock up on isotonic drinks and slow release energy foods!!

I think im ready to wage war on the summer markets!!…….

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8 thoughts on “Back In The Hot-Seat…… And On Fire!!

  1. How many ticks do you approx. make per market? Lets say that you average profit is 25£. How many ticks is this?

  2. Hard one to answer there Kirk, sometimes i trade at £2 a tick sometimes at £10 …… generally about £3 – £4 though untill i see something substantial, their all traded differently so impossible to answer directly.

  3. Awesome stuff Caan! Do you ever ‘settle’ for what you’ve got or are you always trying to improve? Keep posting!

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