Day 5 & 6… ‘The ONLY Limit Is The One You Set Yourself’

 Afternoon all! …

Seen an advert the other day when watching TV and thought it’s so so true, but many people don’t even know what is possible as they set their limits low and rarely push beyond them…

‘The ONLY Limit Is The One You Set Yourself’

It reminds me of a conversation I was having just the other day. We discussed the maximum that’s likely to be able to make from trading the horses on Betfair. In my opinion very few people could actually know because they set their limits so low!!
With that in mind I’ve just changed my default stakes settings a little higher and decided to let my bank grow a little more just so I can accommodate them.

It’s a tough one, before when I have done this I’ve set myself back a little mentally as I probably wasn’t ready but at the moment I think I can probably cope with it. I’ve been on the similar stakes I am now for a good few months!… it will be interesting to see how that turns out!

Anyway, Day 5…

Saturday afternoon, looked like a good card, woke up with every intention of trading the whole day and most the evening and even possibly getting stuck into one of the football games! turned out the game I had been eyeing up was not until Sunday so that wasn’t going to happen…

Started trading on the nag’s after a couple of dog’s races that weren’t very eventful, made a really foolish mistake early on which is something I tend to do a hell of a lot on a Saturday and is very frustrating to say the least (I need to get a sky box back now I’ve moved).
Basically channel 4 coverage is good as the masses of people watch it although unfortunately over time the delay from the event to the start of the event on channel 4 has increased somewhat to about 5 or 6 seconds!!!
Yes that’s right you guessed it, I’m busy keeping an eye on the horses going into the stalls while stuck into the market and ‘suspended, in play’ ….still in shock with about £400 left in the market I managed to get it out £115 into the red (and I was about £30 green at that point too)… infuriating to say the least!
The race after I managed to throw a few more quid (see I am human!). I recuperated the loss rather quickly although it really was grating on me as it was lost time on a Saturday…
After a while I managed to get myself back into a better position before boom! a big bet comes in on the maiden race I was trading side swiping the price 5 tics or so… that’s right -£75…. so I was back to a big fat £0 for the day once more!

I’d been getting call’s and text’s from friends during the trading period all afternoon suggesting I should be joining them in the garden with a bucket of punch, sun blazing so with the rotten luck I’d had I just thought sod it….. bit of a wasted day really but I enjoyed myself 🙂
Frustrating times…..

Day 6…

Quiet Sunday, cards looked pretty good and I did consider skipping it altogether today.

I’m not sure if that attitude is productive but I find more often than not when I’m looking at things like that they tend to go pretty well??… a little bizarre, anyway I’m really glad I bothered was probably one of the better days I’ve had for a while in terms of races – profit ratio. A good one all around, some smooth trends and up until the last couple races fill rate felt really quite nice too!!


2 thoughts on “Day 5 & 6… ‘The ONLY Limit Is The One You Set Yourself’

  1. If I am not too indiscreet how big are your stakes now? I usually can’t get more than 1000 pounds matched in 1 bet unless it is some multimillionaire meeting like Cheltenham 🙂

  2. Hi Balazs, i rarely go that big and if i do it’s usually a case of adding to the position to reach that size. Generally i use 50 – 200, up to 500 frequently although it does happen theirs not many times in the day i much above that in any single trade. Hope that helps!

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