Day 5 & 6… ‘The ONLY Limit Is The One You Set Yourself’

Afternoon, all…

I saw an advert the other day while watching TV, and it struck a chord:

“The ONLY Limit Is The One You Set Yourself.”

This resonates deeply, especially considering a recent conversation about the potential earnings from trading on Betfair. Many don’t realize what’s possible because they set their sights too low. With that inspiration, I’ve slightly increased my default stakes and allowed my bank to grow to accommodate this change.

It’s a challenging step. Previously, raising my stakes set me back mentally as I wasn’t quite ready. But now, having maintained similar stakes for several months, I feel prepared. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out!

Day 5…

Saturday started with promise: a good racing card lined up, and I was geared up to trade all day, into the evening, and perhaps catch a football game. However, the game I was interested in wasn’t until Sunday—so much for that plan!

I began trading on the horses after a few uneventful dog races and made a silly early mistake—something frustratingly common for me on Saturdays. It seems I need to get a Sky box now that I’ve moved, as the coverage on Channel 4 is good but delayed by about 5 or 6 seconds! Just as I was watching the horses at the stalls and engaged in the market, it went ‘suspended, in play.’ Shocked with £400 left in the market, I managed to limit my losses to £115 in the red, from being £30 in the green… infuriating!

The next race allowed me to claw back some losses, though the frustration of lost time on a Saturday was gnawing at me. Later, just as I regained a better position, a large bet shifted the price in the maiden race I was trading, wiping out my gains for the day back to zero.

Calls and texts from friends invited me to join them in the garden with a bucket of punch under the sun. After the day’s rollercoaster, I thought, “Why not?” It turned out to be a bit of a wasted day for trading, but I enjoyed the break. 😊

Day 6…

Sunday was quiet. The cards looked appealing, and I contemplated taking the day off, yet there’s something oddly effective about my low expectations—they often lead to good outcomes. Indeed, I’m glad I went ahead as it turned out to be one of the better days I’ve had in a while in terms of race-profit ratio. Smooth trends and a nice fill rate until the last couple of races made it a rewarding day all around!

2 thoughts on “Day 5 & 6… ‘The ONLY Limit Is The One You Set Yourself’

  1. If I am not too indiscreet how big are your stakes now? I usually can’t get more than 1000 pounds matched in 1 bet unless it is some multimillionaire meeting like Cheltenham 🙂

  2. Hi Balazs, i rarely go that big and if i do it’s usually a case of adding to the position to reach that size. Generally i use 50 – 200, up to 500 frequently although it does happen theirs not many times in the day i much above that in any single trade. Hope that helps!

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