Day 7… Mental Mondays!!

Mondays… I had almost forgotten how chaotic they can be!

Additionally, I jumped in without reviewing the cards beforehand, which was a mistake. The quality of racing available pointed to a challenging day ahead.

Unfortunately, I ended up making a mess of it. Halfway through, I lost faith when I noticed the poor liquidity in the markets. It felt like there was a lot of aggressive positioning, likely due to the reduced liquidity and scarce real money. Overall, it was a tough day. I over-staked and pushed too hard—mistakes that can happen, even to those of us who aren’t newcomers.

2 thoughts on “Day 7… Mental Mondays!!

  1. Hi Caan,

    Why do you think you struggled so much on the Newton Abbott Races? Was you just mis-reading the NH style of money?

  2. A very interesting comment rick, i hadn’t really looked at the race on race results. I do remember on monday it seemed very thin and trappy which was why i seemed to have a nightmare that day…. although now you have said it seems the bad ones were at newton abbot! … genearlly a poorer liquidity track so quite possibly was the thinner races NH are notorious for it too i suppose!

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