Day 8… Over Confidence and Foolishness…


Yep, that’s me! After all this time, I should know better…

Today was a series of foolish mistakes, one after another, all self-inflicted.

It began with the greyhounds; I started trading before I was truly ready, landed myself in a bad position, and then increased my stakes to try to recover—a classic tilt move. Although I could handle the setback, it was still a needless loss of money.

I then switched to racing, but that was short-lived as I noticed the tennis was on BBC2. I couldn’t resist diving in, deciding to stick to small stakes and play the percentages. Initially, it went really well, and I was quite pleased with myself, thinking just a bit more fine-tuning was needed. Between the races, I managed a healthy £30 profit on a tennis match.

Then, overconfidence struck. The tennis was going well, the horse racing was on track, and I started trading another tennis game—this time with £75 stakes, despite knowing this match was trickier to predict.

I continued, eventually upping my stakes to £300. It looked promising as the match progressed, but then, quite unexpectedly, the underdog broke the favorite’s serve at a critical moment… I don’t need to detail the aftermath; my profit/loss statement says it all.

What a fool…

This wasn’t my first rodeo with such errors. Clearly, my emotions and mindset were not in check today. But as they say, onwards and upwards!

I’m taking tomorrow off, so no updates then. There’s better racing later in the week, so I’m keeping hopeful. Stay tuned for the next update!

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