A few days away from the markets…..

So this week, if you’ve seen from the previous post has gone from bad to worse for me… although probably not in the way you expect.

On Friday I started to run a bit of a temperature, by Friday night (not wanting to sound too dramatic) I actually thought I was going to die! The only thing I could compare it to was when I contracted D&V in Afghanistan back in 2008 which led to me spending two days on a drip and multiple anti-sickness injections into my stomach. Saturday morning I managed to get an emergency doctors appointment where it was confirmed I had Norovirus. I seriously wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

For the time being im going to make sure I have at least a few days completely away from the markets as trading when you’re not 100% is never a good idea, with the current API and Software issues this week has presented its probably for the best anyway. The doctor tells me its pretty contagious so I’ll be keeping myself bedded down away from anyone else for a couple of days, if im feeling better tomorrow I’ll see about getting a couple of new clips on YouTube.

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