Discipline, Determination & Changing Tack…

Posts are currently limited due to a busy period in my life, though it’s a positive kind of busy.

I’m grateful for everyone who takes the time to comment and share their experiences. I plan to resume more frequent posting later in the month.

Having been involved in trading for a while, I’ve decided to share some of my general thoughts.

Firstly – Discipline

Just over a year ago, I started this blog to impose some discipline on myself and to document my learning journey through the complex world of information available on forums, blogs, and, most perplexingly, the horse racing markets. It appeared there was scant genuine advice, and, like many newcomers, I was uncertain about whom to listen to. To be honest, I felt a bit lost, a feeling many others have likely experienced.

Having traded for a while, I’ve become acutely aware of the importance of self-awareness in trading. Staying disciplined, even amidst adversity and uncertainty, is challenging. Now, looking back, I realize I’ve managed reasonably well in maintaining discipline, though I’ve had my share of struggles.

The essence of patience is beautifully summed up by a notion: he waits… because that’s his strategy. By waiting for clear-cut opportunities and having the patience to wait even when it’s difficult is an invaluable trait in trading. Believe me, try it! Especially when things aren’t going your way. Believing in the power of patience can be more challenging than it seems at first. Alleviating the pressure to produce immediate results is a good strategy for achieving this. Successful trading involves understanding oneself, fitting into the market, and having a significant edge, some aspects of which can’t be learned overnight or even in a week.


Next, let’s discuss determination—not to be confused with addiction. Determination is about having the drive to effect change and succeed by correcting old habits and adopting new, improved methods. If you’re new to trading, consider this point well, as it’s often underemphasized. Repeating the same actions and expecting different outcomes is futile.

Despite the addictive nature of gambling, especially where money is involved, it’s crucial to understand why you’re engaging in it and to avoid falling into a repetitive gambling cycle. However, don’t expect to eliminate this entirely; we’re only human, after all. Take time to learn about the markets, their reactions, and the underlying reasons. Simply watching the numbers fluctuate wasn’t enough for me.

Changing Tack

This past year has been quite eventful. Recently, I’ve focused on generating extra income and maximizing my earnings, which has been productive and enlightening, though I’ve become somewhat of a hermit. My routine has revolved around work, trade, eBay, sleep, and repeat. I’ve decided to put my property/mortgage plans on hold to enjoy life a bit more, especially with summer approaching. I’m not derailing my life; I believe it’s unhealthy to spend every week indoors saving money without enjoying life.

With recent successes and the start of evening racing on April 20th, I’m not worried about finances. My discipline and determination are paying off. I’ve decided to delay the deposit for a later time this year. Meanwhile, I’ve planned a holiday with my friends, which promises to be a memorable escape, and I’m considering purchasing a new motorbike. Yes, it’s another risk, but life is for living, right?

Thanks to Betfair, this indulgence is on them!

I consider myself quite successful at this stage, though success is subjective. One lesson I’ve learned is that success in the markets is rarely linear. It’s more like a boat zigzagging across the ocean; direct paths are uncommon. You must have faith that you’ll advance even when you seem to be drifting off course.

I’ve achieved my initial goals: to become proficient at earning from the markets, maintain discipline, and leave helpful insights for those following in my footsteps. Blogging, though enjoyable, currently takes time away from my other commitments. For now, my schedule doesn’t allow for much beyond my essential activities.

To those just starting out, I hope my previous posts offer some assistance. There are valuable insights throughout, if you take the time to look closely and reflect on the discussions.

Good luck for now!

8 thoughts on “Discipline, Determination & Changing Tack…

  1. Trading’s not going to disappear overnight and the more relaxed your attitude to it becomes the easier you’ll find it is to make money when you’re not chasing it.

    1. has been an inspiring journey thanks for sharing it Caan, am really grateful for your blog ~ as I see a lot of my own behaviour in what you observed about yourself. That in itself is priceless — I figure once you get to know yourself, thats where the blog naturally finishes,… and the natural trader begins… anyway just wanTed to say Ta, & I think you always were a pro[ficient] at whateva you set your mind too…

      Be LuckY 🙂
      – RoN

  2. This is a good posting, I was wondering if I could use this write-up on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away

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  4. You deserve all the prosperity your hard work has delivered. You did well not to quit, by the looks of the rocky patches you initially had, in your early stages of trading. I, too, know the ‘hermit’ feeling; I’ve previously found it hard to go ‘outside’, when there’s money to be made on the PC. Sometimes, during good profit times, you wonder if the +£ balance is actual ‘real’ cash, and it’s easy to kinda lose the value of money in the real world, when you’re pulling good money outta the markets daily. Having a break to actually spend it, mentally puts you back in the real world; so consider it as a bit of trading therapy! Enjoy

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