Dividing Time Efficiently…. This Month

Dividing Time Trading Betfair

Hectic times…

Are you using your time wisely? This month’s been a bit hap-hazard in places for me… lot’s going on, and a few things to deal with.

It struck me just yesterday how important it is to divide up my time efficiently. I’ve looked at it before, and it’s powerful stuff. But with everything going on I seem to have forgotten…

It’s not a problem as it’s easily rectified but I thought it’d be important to mention! I’m surprised I let my routine slide a little actually.

Betting Exchanges, Blogging & General Life…

Updating the blog, trading exchanges and balancing that with life has been pretty busy business just lately. The only trouble being when one of those curve-balls in life crop up other things have to go on hold. I’ve been in the markets but not so active answering tweets etc this week. I’ll get on top of that soon…

A couple of months back I booked up a short break away for the family. Amongst everything else going it’s crept up on me pretty quick! In fact it’s tomorrow now!

It’s only for 5 days so I’m sure that’ll fly by. It’ll be great to spend some time with the kids! I might even manage to get some exercise in while I’m at it being at one of those centre-parks type places. All-in-all it should be a good week!

Post Cheltenham Markets…

Cheltenham’s always a bit of fun, unfortunately the markets a week or so after aren’t really. Quite a few of you have reached out to me on twitter this week to say you’ve had mixed results.

Maybe I should have warned you first but that’s not unusual… after the hype of Cheltenham most of your average punters have done their money. In recent years I’ve found it can bounce from extreme to extreme in the markets after. Lowering stakes for poor quality events is always a wise thing to do.

April’s just around the corner though, blink a few times and the evening cards will come into play! For those with a 9-5 job it’s a far better time to be getting involved. Less rushing and more trading time in general.

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P.S. video pack subscribers can expect some uploads soon although most will be once I’m back now!

One thought on “Dividing Time Efficiently…. This Month

  1. Must admit I find the night racing a real pain from a full timers point of view. Sure there are more races to play but with up to 6 or 7 meetings a day on a regular basis it’s all a bit too manic and not neccessarily as profitable as being able to cherry pick from the 3 afternoons meetings like now.

    It’d be nice to just clock off at 5 but the night racing is generally more profitable than the summer afternoon stuff as that’s when the mugs get home from work and have a bet to wind down. A bit like saturday afternoons but with the more desperate gamblers playing 🙂

    Also got the national next week where the mugs will be out in force yet again, a much better meeting than Cheltenham for any newbies to try their hand. If you can’t win with all the mug money floating around Aintree it’s probably best to have a rethink 🙂

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