Early starts and early finishes….

So the clocks have gone back and its that time of year when the racing schedule changes dramatically with some pretty early starts and very early finishes. In years gone by I recall the frustration as a part-time trader at this point as it is that bit harder to get a few races in after work with the last race being around 4.30, particularly earlier in the week. I would say though if you’re aspiring to do this full-time or even make a substantial second income from learning how to trade Betfair then this time of year can actually be an asset.

Accepting you’re not likely to be able to trade on that particular day is key, shift your focus to understanding what’s going on and use the time wisely. Scalping the markets is something that is best learnt through experience so that one will just have to wait until the weekend if you’re in this position but looking at the markets longer term and finding ways of recognizing where the money is going was something I would often sit and look at via the various Apps and internet while in my standard job. It only takes a few seconds to check up on the activity in the market over the last hour or so and can lead to some interesting angles not to mention boosts in confidence.

The standard Betfair graph is not the most useful I must admit, mainly due to it not having the time scales listed on the lower axis, checking up from time to time can really help with this. Looking at the graphs close to the off can be confusing at times as you have no idea as to when the majority of bets were placed! It can be quite misleading.

Recently a friend told me the Great Leighs Racecourse is to be launched again soon, although I haven’t seen anything in the news of it yet it there could be some fun ahead as it’s only a stones throw away from me! Would be interesting to see what kind of advantage you really can get from the course… I’ll update more on this in the future hopefully!

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